The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 27

The mailman came today.  He brought a letter that was obviously junk.  It had the most ridiculously official sounding yet utterly meaningless name on the return address.  I was going to write something that made fun of it.  I figured I’d cover my ass and Google it first and… it is an actual Federal agency.  It is something that is some how related to the Coast Guard, if the two links I read were accurate.  The letter was totally bullshit and fake as fake can be, but knowing there is a real agency took all the fun out of it for me.

I just logged into my 12:00 Zoom meeting only to realize it is a 2:00 meeting, not 12:00.  Did you know that 12:00 and 2:00 are different things?  Crazy!

Now that the April Bonus Edition RPM Challenge is over, the powers that be are putting on an online listening party.  Everyone who finished the project submitted a song.  You can listen to it all right now at this link.  It’s all live and stuff.  Well, the broadcast is live, but the music is recorded.

I sure hope they don’t play my song because my song is Lame with a capital Lame.


April Tracking is Done

Tracking for the April Bonus RPM Challenge is done.  Sort of.  I have seven songs mixed and complete and three more ready to mix.  I say sort of because there is an 11th song.  It has a melody and lyrics but I didn’t record the vocals and frankly I’m not gonna.  If time allows I am going to record the melody with a guitar (or two… or three) and call it an instrumental.

For now though, I have everything I need to finish the COVID-19 RPM Bonus Challenge thingie.



From Bad to Worse

I’m not a good singer.  We all know that.  I know it more than anyone because… well… it’s me, you know?

This morning I took my MacBook and a microphone and an audio interface and drove over to the mall and found a parking spot and started singing…

It wasn’t my usual bad…

It was so much worse.

So. Much. Worse.

I had six songs ready to go but I only got to five of them.  The last song was a bonus.  I only needed five more to get to the required 10.  When I finished the fifth song my battery was low, my throat hurt from yelling, my bladder was full (TMI, and not actually related to singing), and my brain was fried, so I went home.  Song #11 will probably be dropped.  Maybe.

At some point tonight I’ll start lead guitars and then I’ll start mixing and then April will be finished and it will be time to start thinking about May.

April Music Lives Again

I went three whole days without doing any work on the April Bonus RPM Challenge.  I had four songs needing lyrics and those plus two others needing vocals and leads.  I was stuck on the lyrics.  On Monday I was able to come up with a melody for song number eight but I was coming up dry for words.  Each night on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I set aside time in my schedule to try again and ended up doing something else.

That changed last night.  I finished #8 and picked off #9.  Today I did the same for #’s 10 and 11.  All the lyrics are done and I have a melody for everything.  That means tomorrow…

Singing in the car, babie!

The music is alive once more!

All Done With That

All of my April rhythm guitar parts are done, including a bonus 11th song that I started at 3:30am today when I was too pissed off at facebook to sleep.


I wonder… if I stop taking pictures of whatever guitar I am playing every time I play, would the world go back to normal?  Is all of this my fault somehow?

Day 17, aka Ooops

I just posted this on the RPM Challenge website:

I recorded some rhythm guitars last night.  Nothing special, but one of the two songs I worked on is turning out to be almost kinda fun.

This morning as I’m going through my morning routine I was actually kind of humming the riff to myself.  Nice!  That never happens!

Then… wait a second… that’s not the song I worked on last night… what is it?  Oh yeah, it’s one of my February songs.

(insert annoyed sigh here)

Looks like Robbie’s written the same song twice… again.

I really don’t care.