From Bad to Worse

I’m not a good singer.  We all know that.  I know it more than anyone because… well… it’s me, you know?

This morning I took my MacBook and a microphone and an audio interface and drove over to the mall and found a parking spot and started singing…

It wasn’t my usual bad…

It was so much worse.

So. Much. Worse.

I had six songs ready to go but I only got to five of them.  The last song was a bonus.  I only needed five more to get to the required 10.  When I finished the fifth song my battery was low, my throat hurt from yelling, my bladder was full (TMI, and not actually related to singing), and my brain was fried, so I went home.  Song #11 will probably be dropped.  Maybe.

At some point tonight I’ll start lead guitars and then I’ll start mixing and then April will be finished and it will be time to start thinking about May.

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