I’ve had a decent recording day today.  I added the rhythm guitar to the last four acoustic songs, and one of the electric songs.  I’m bushed.  My back hurts, my hands hurt, my head hurts, but I got a lot done.

Les Paul into KTR into Two Bassbreakers… it sounds like overdrive heaven.  It’s so sensitive that every little touch rings out.  It’s very unforgiving too so every spec of sloppiness comes through, but it just sounds soo damn cool.  That file up above (assuming as always that it pulled into the post) will be deleted the next time I work on that song.  For now let’s just use it as an example of how groovy this setup sounds.  Also, the song is complete shit.  I’m only interested in the trashy goodness of the guitar sound.

I’m guessing within five minutes of posting this I’m going to be embarrassed by how shitty it really sounds.  Oh well.


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