The cars are packed. Harry just left. I’m giving him a smidgen of a head start then I’ll follow.

I have a metric tonne of gastric bypass friendly food and drinks piled up in the cab of the transit van. 95% will be ignored, but it’s there if I need it.

I have music, podcast, and audiobook playlists armed and ready but I haven’t decided what to listen to first. Maybe the new Stephen Stills live record?

A coworker said yesterday, after I shared the events of the road trip fun with him, there’s no denying that empty nest now. Yup. As of today it’s officially official and once again I am equal parts excited for the kids and sad for me and Jen.

Okay…. Time to get rolling. Burlington, VT here I come.

Road Trip #3

Raise your hand if you’re about to head out on your third trip to Vermont in less than two weeks.

*Raises hand.

Also, raise your hand if your current plan includes going back for a fourth trip two days from now.

*Raises hand.

I love me some road trippin’.