Lots of Music Today

I took the day off from work today for my appointment with the dietician. I’ve done a few chores, and a few other things, but mostly I’ve worked on the RPM Challenge. I hope to get a lot more done before the day is over, but I told someone at work that I would pop in for a few minutes today and it’s almost time for that so I’m taking a musical break.

What have I done so far?

Car music. Yesterday I wrote lyrics for five songs and today I put vocals on all of them. I was lucky I finished the fifth and final song when I did (there are more songs to work on, but none had vocals parts written at the time… and that is foreshadowing). I told Jen when I left the house that I would stay out as long as my bladder would let me. As I was finishing up that fifth song my bladder declared in no uncertain terms that it was time to go home. Yup, lucky it worked out the way it did.

Once I got home I spent an hour and half or so freaking out about weight loss surgery, then I went to my appointment. After that I wrote the melody and lyrics for two songs. At the time, those were the only two songs left (foreshadowing again). They are all set for a repeat car music tomorrow.

At that point I thought I would start mixing one of the three songs that are ready to go. I haven’t touched them yet. Instead I added another song. I kept saying I wanted 20 and I was stuck on 19, so now I have 20. It has bass and drums and a MIDI guide for guitar. It also has a melody and lyrics. I hope to get some time after dinner tonight to add real guitars but if I don’t I should still be able to include it in the car music tomorrow.

So what’s left for today? First, pop into work for a bit. Then cook dinner for Jen. Also drink lots of water but not 15 minutes before or 60 minutes after eating. Then, I have three songs to mix. I have one song that needs rhythm guitars, and I have a whopping 13 that need lead guitar. Only five more days after today. I need to start picking those off. I also have to start mixing the songs that are ready. There’s a ton of work to choose from.

Jen just mentioned going to a store in Cambridge tonight. That cuts down on time but it won’t be a problem. I still have a weekend at my disposal too.

In closing, the view from my “studio” this morning…

Day Off Tomorrow

I’m off work tomorrow. I don’t have anything planned, I just needed to take a day off to get my accrued PTO below a certain number to stop the accrual from maxing out. It’s a long story.

I booked it a few weeks ago without knowing that it would end up being a bad day to be out. I might stealthily pop in and make sure everything is okay. Maybe.

What else should I do? Car music in the morning is a given. Mixing a tune or two is also pretty much guaranteed. What else? There aren’t any tv shows that I’m not caught up on. At least I don’t think there are… are there?

I might play some hockey on the PS4. Maybe find a first person shooter with lots of cheat codes? Something like that?

Who knows. Maybe I’ll just rewatch Loki or season two of The Mandalorian.

The nerdy possibilities are endless.

Day Off

It’s 8:53am. Time to punch into work, so I think I’ll go over to Netflix and pop on a show.


I’m off today!

Some music, some TV, some cleaning, some stressing over Bellana flying to The Netherlands, some cat stress due to needing to take her to the vet.

I have a full day ahead, he said sarcastically. I think I’ll go get some breakfast.

Note: While I am being all gloaty and stuff today. Rest assured I’ll be paying for it with stress tomorrow. What goes around comes around and all that.

Bed Time

I took Friday off this week, not to extend the long weekend but because there was talk of possibly going to VT and I wanted to be free to go. Now we are not going so I am left with a mostly unplanned four day weekend. Such is life, I guess.

The good news is I’ll be able to stay up late Thursday night if game one of the Red Sox/Rays series requires it. Bonus!

I haven’t played my guitar in the month of October yet. That is bad, mental healthily speaking. Friday might get some serious therapy time. We will see.

I’m really tired right now but I feel the need to overshare some personal life shit. Okay, here goes: I trimmed my toe nails today. Really, what other sites give you this much detail? You’re welcome.

Okay, good night everyone.

Into the Spiderverse

We watched Into the Spiderverse tonight, after we had a video chat with my brother and sister and their families, which was after we played Trivial Pursuit.

So when all was said and done, I did make pretty good use of my vacation day today.