Not To Fear

No Fear the Walking Dead hate watch tonight. It’s going to have to wait until tomorrow. We all watched Life of Brian instead.

I’ll see about sneaking in World Beyond before work tomorrow. Fear the walking dog shit will have to wait for tomorrow night. I just need to make sure I get them both in before The Walking Dead ‘Cast comes out on Tuesday.

Two Days in a Row

The guitar was played today. That’s two days in a row. Glorious.

Yesterday I worked on four songs for the November Music thing. Today I worked on two songs for the re-recording thing. I wasn’t very good, but I didn’t suck too much. That was nice.

Okay, time to go cook dinner for the love of my life and then maybe do something else. She’s working today and I did a little cleaning to go along with the guitar playing and there is some stuff in the works for the cellar and shhhh I can’t tell anyone yet but shhhhh stop talking about it you moron.

Walking Dead spin offs tonight. Hate watch Fear then actually watch World Beyond? Yeah, I might do that. Or I might not. I don’t know. I’m sure when the hate watch starts I’ll post a bitch-fest post or two. Ya’ll have that to look forward too.

Rock and roll, zombified boys and girls.

The End

I just saw the best part of this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

The best part was when it ended and World Beyond started. Not that World Beyond is any artistic triumph or anything. At its worst it’s still head and shoulders better than Fear.

Long Day

It wasn’t really a long day, but it felt like it. Do I sound like a broken record? I haven’t slept well for the last few nights and I’m just tired. Really tired.

Last night when I had time to play some guitar and didn’t I was pissed off at myself. Similar circumstances tonight, but I feel different about it. I’m just too tired. Nothing I do tonight would be worthwhile, it would just be sleepy nonsense. So once again, instead of guitar we have fun with zombies. I’m up to The Walking Dead season three episode two now. The rewatch continues while the current season goes into hiatus. We’re two episodes into the last season of World Beyond and sadly the seventh season of Fear the Walking Dead kicks off on Sunday. It can’t be worse than the last two seasons, can it? Can it*?

Here’s hoping we get me a good night sleep tonight. I don’t have any meetings scheduled at work tomorrow. Here’s hoping tomorrow becomes a productive day. Who knows, I might even play some guitar tomorrow. Fingers crossed, right?

*Yes, yes it can. Unfortunately, yes it can. May the gods of the TV have mercy on us, yes it can get worse. I don’t know how, but I fear it is possible.

Missed a Chance

I feel like I missed a chance tonight. I didn’t play guitar even though I had plenty of time to. I just popped an episode of The Walking Dead on Netflix and flaked. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have been productive. I still haven’t even finished my exercise for the day. I am at 17 minutes. 13 minutes to go. Why am I sitting here talking to all of you when I should be walking?

It’s gonna be a late night, but at least I get to watch the scene where Dale argues to save Randal’s life*.

*The Walking Dead, season two episode 11 Judge Jury and Executioner. Season two isn’t the best season**, but Jeffrey DeMunn kicked this episode’s ass.

**Get back in the damn house, Carl!

What to Watch

We are done with Ted Lasso, I think. I’m caught up on Archer and Titans and What We Do in the Shadows and The Walking Dead, though all of their seasons are still going. I’m a couple of weeks behind on Supergirl which has improved a little after their mid-season break (so far at least).

Star Wars Visions is out, and Foundation has just started. I want to see both of those. We had started Invincible before Bellana left and I want to finish that. We haven’t finished the last season of Mrs Maisel (sp?). Maybe I can finish that for completeness sake. I haven’t seen Doom Patrol though I’ve heard that’s pretty good.

Is there anything else? I’m just wondering because a little part of me wants to restart The Walking Dead from episode one and re-binge the shit out of all of it again before it ends. That might be happening…. And it might be happening tonight. Well… starting tonight. It’s been so long since Shane has asked me if he can ask me something, or tell me something, and Carl hasn’t been told to stay in the house for ages, and there’s all the things and stuff Rick has been doing.

Yeah, that might be happening.

ADDENDUM: We are not done with Ted Lasso. We thought season two was going to be 10 episodes long. It’s actually 12. We have two more weeks to go. Happiness.

Walking Dead Cold Open

Okay, I am not going to live blog the whole episode, and this is spoiler free as can be…

But after the last horrid season of Fear the Walking Dead, and the less than spectacular season of World Beyond, and the Covid lockdown season 10 bonus episodes (which were all okay, just not exactly Earth shattering), the first 10 minutes of the season 11 premier was just completely killer. It’s like… oh yeah, that’s why we all watch this show. Now I remember!

I know it’s only one scene, but that was really good.

WoW and TWD

I just spent about an hour playing World of Warcraft and I didn’t die once! I was killing bad guys left and right! It was a slaughter and those pricks never even touched me (mostly)! Of course this just means that the next time I play I’ll get attacked by a bunny rabbit and it’ll tear my lungs out. That rabbit’s dynamite!

It’s time to wrap it up for the night though. We are 10 minutes away from the season 11 premier of The Walking Dead. It’s zombie time, babie! I sure hope the FiOS app on my iPad can still find AMC. Season 11 is the last season, though it’s going to be three eight episode segments instead of the usual two. That’s good. I can handle some bonus time before it ends.

I should also note that the character I was playing in WoW uses a crossbow, so I was basically Darryl. Unless you prefer the comics to the TV show, in which case I was Dwight… though in TV land Dwight is now on Fear the Walking Dead and that’s pretty much a fate worse than zombified un-death.

Just remember, kids, when the zombies are chasing you, make sure you walk faster! Ooh! See what I did there? In the immortal words of Alf, I kill me!