Walking Dead Cold Open

Okay, I am not going to live blog the whole episode, and this is spoiler free as can be…

But after the last horrid season of Fear the Walking Dead, and the less than spectacular season of World Beyond, and the Covid lockdown season 10 bonus episodes (which were all okay, just not exactly Earth shattering), the first 10 minutes of the season 11 premier was just completely killer. It’s like… oh yeah, that’s why we all watch this show. Now I remember!

I know it’s only one scene, but that was really good.

WoW and TWD

I just spent about an hour playing World of Warcraft and I didn’t die once! I was killing bad guys left and right! It was a slaughter and those pricks never even touched me (mostly)! Of course this just means that the next time I play I’ll get attacked by a bunny rabbit and it’ll tear my lungs out. That rabbit’s dynamite!

It’s time to wrap it up for the night though. We are 10 minutes away from the season 11 premier of The Walking Dead. It’s zombie time, babie! I sure hope the FiOS app on my iPad can still find AMC. Season 11 is the last season, though it’s going to be three eight episode segments instead of the usual two. That’s good. I can handle some bonus time before it ends.

I should also note that the character I was playing in WoW uses a crossbow, so I was basically Darryl. Unless you prefer the comics to the TV show, in which case I was Dwight… though in TV land Dwight is now on Fear the Walking Dead and that’s pretty much a fate worse than zombified un-death.

Just remember, kids, when the zombies are chasing you, make sure you walk faster! Ooh! See what I did there? In the immortal words of Alf, I kill me!

Season 11

I had a moment just now where I thought I missed the premier of The Walking Dead’s 11th season, but that doesn’t actually happen until next week. Whew, eh?

I closed all three rings in my activity app tonight. That means I closed all three rings every day for a week. The app calls that a perfect week. I’d be much more excited about it if my legs weren’t in so much pain.

This has been a really good weekend for the three of us. The only thing missing was my step daughter. She’s coming down next weekend and we are going to get to spend some quality time with her. This weekend though was all about Harry and it was wonderful. I’m so excited for the next chapter in his life to start in two weeks but I’m also crushed that he has to leave us. I want to make the most of the time we have left.

For now though, let’s get some sleep. Tomorrow’s a work day.

Sweet dreams, internet.

Blast Radius

I mentioned the other day that I watched two shows recently that ended with nuclear detonations. One was an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the other was the sixth season finale of Fear the Walking Dead which was so bad it may have been worse than the movie that the Satellite of Love riffed to shreds.

I’m doing what I always do after an episode of The Walking Dead or its spinoffs, I am listening to the recap on The Walking Dead ‘Cast. It’s nice to know that the folks on the show hated the episode as much as I did (possibly even more).

When discussing how everyone magically survived the nuclear explosions they mentioned a website that is really dark and awful and yet still interesting.


Enter a location on the map, select a bomb from a drop down list of known nuclear weapons, then click detonate. The map will display the areas directly affected by the explosion, including a break down of things like where the blast damage will be worst, where the fireball will extend to, how far out the damage will go.

I picked Boston because I know the area so well. Holy shit. The biggest bomb the USSR produced would have blast damage extending to Worcester in the West, Providence in the South, and Nashua in the North.

Holy shit.

I kinda wish I didn’t know that, but if you check out the site you might understand why kids who grew up in the 80’s are as screwed up as we are.

Fear the Terrible Writing

I didn’t watch Fear the Walking Dead live last night. I was too busy hanging with Jen and Harry. I just watched the cold open on the AMC website and…


I think this might be it. I think we’ve reached the point where the writing is so incredibly dumb that I can’t watch anymore. I’ll give it to the next commercial break but… yeah, this could be it.

Addendum: This wordpress theme capitalizes all of the characters in the post title. I typed this one in with the caps lock on and didn’t notice until I posted. Sorry, I just think that’s funny.

Addendum 2: Back from the first commercial break. Oh look, a character who was added to the show more than a full season ago who has had maybe two scenes in the years that followed is having a touching family moment. Question to the writers: What about this makes you think that we care? I literally forgot this character existed and now I’m supposed to have an emotional response to this? Want to know what that is called? It’s called bad writing.

Addendum 3: Back from another commercial break. Wait a minute… so the good guy that we all forgot even existed’s family member says that his group is a bunch of good guys but after three seconds alone in his room we find out that they are actually bad guys? Oh my. What a twist that wasn’t 100% predictable at all. Hashtag sarcasm. I literally saw this twist coming before the first scene ended. I mean that literally. The writing is just that good. Hashtag sarcasm.

Addendum 4: This is how the writing process works on this show. Let’s think of a bad ass visual. Okay, how bout a bunch of zeds hanging from the ceiling with their mouths sewn shut. Super bad ass. Now lets make the characters act in whatever manner it takes to manipulate the plot to make that scene happen, regardless of whether the characters’ actions make sense or not. Aaaaaaaand scene.

Lunch Time

(Marvel spoilers in the second paragraph. You have been warned)

Just wrapping up my lunch break today. The clean up this morning went well. There are two places in our side yard that used to have crap piled up to the moon that now do not. One step closer to having a presentable yard. Sigh of relief, you know?

I’ve been listening to some podcasts today. It’s reassuring to know that my favorite Walking Dead podcast (The Walking Deadcast) is also completely fed up with Fear the Walking Dead. Sometimes it’s just helpful to know you aren’t alone. More important on the news front, I’m listening to TV Podcast Industry’s review of the season finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. They opened up discussing the announcement (that I completely missed) that the follow up to season one will not be season two, it will be a Captain America movie. I think that sounds like a great idea. We knew that the follow up to WandaVision was going to be a movie, the next Dr Strange movie, so it is fitting they do the same for Uncle Sam. Will the Power Broker be the villain? Will it be Elaine Benes? Is Elaine Benes a bad guy or a good guy?

Just heard that my father had a good doctors appointment today. Good news.

Okay, back to work with you.

Why Do I Still Care?

Fear the Walking Dead is on right now. Like, as in on actual live television.

I’m at my parents’ house tonight and I learned the hard way that the Verizon Fios app only streams live television when you’re on your account’s wifi network. Well that blows. The app wouldn’t work on my iPad, and the website wouldn’t work on my MacBook.

So I am watching it on my parents’ cable. Like, on an actual television rather than a computer pretending to be a television. It also means that starting about 8:51 I jumped through a ton of hoops in order to watch tonight’s episode. The real question I should be asking is why? Because… this show sucks.

Season three was pretty much perfect. Then they changed show runners. Season four was good to start with, but the second half was pretty bad. Season five was awful. Like, terrible. Like what the hell is going on here level rotten. The current season, season six, has been better but it’s still not even close to good.

Tonight’s episode, the third episode of season 6B which is probably supposed to be the second episode if not for Covid, started out with a call back to one of the dumbest things they did in the unwatchable fifth season. It’s just plain terrible… and I’m still watching.

Every week, I’m watching this idiotic insult to good writing.


What the hell is wrong with me? I could be binge watching Community on Netflix right now. I could be rewatching The Mandalorian. Hell, I could be binge re-watching all 10 seasons of The Walking Dead proper but I’m not. I’m watching this shit. I ask again, what the hell is wrong with me?

Here’s Negan

We know it won’t be comic-accurate because two out of every three words Negan says won’t be “fuck”. Besides that, I’m hoping they end the season on a high note.

Live TV on my Computer?

I used to be able to watch live TV on my computer through the verizon fios website. Then one day I opened up the site so that I could watch The Walking Dead and it didn’t work. Google told me that verizon took the service away. I switched to watching via the fios app on my iPad and never looked back.

I’m not sure why but I just tried it again and what do you know? It worked! I don’t know if it’s the same address as before, but it works so who cares.

Now when the sprung ahead clock strikes 9:00PM (formerly known as 8:00PM) I’m gonna watch me some zombies.

New Week, New Attitude

It’s Monday. The first day of a new week. Yippee. The 52nd week of Covid shut down. Last week had a nasty work issue. This week is likely going to have another. Still, I have made a decision.

I have decided that this week is going to be better. Granted, every week since late January has been pretty crappy, but this week is going to be better.

The bed is made, the dishes are done (except for the caste iron skillet, I have to do that again), the cat is fed, I’m 3/4 of the way through last night’s Walking Dead (Dog, the early years), Harry just found a playlist with the theme songs from all of the episodes of WandaVision. Today is International Women’s Day and my wife and my step daughter are shining examples of intelligent, strong, powerful women who deserve to be celebrated every day of the year not just today, but given the situation I will celebrate them like crazy today.

This week is going to be better. New week, new attitude.

Granted, it’ll probably go to shit as soon as I punch into work, or try to scoop the kitty litter, or something. For now though… This will be a good week.