No Zombies for Me Tonight

Tonight is the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead and I didn’t get to it in time. Jen and I were binging the shit out of How I Met Your Mother and the last episode we watched ended at 9:05.

I’ll watch the zombies in the morning. I guess for tonight I’ll pick off another Marvel movie. I haven’t updated my list today but if I finish the one I’m watching as I type this I’ll have checked off three today.

Pretty sure that is equal parts awesome and pathetic. You be the judge.

Sunday Night Pain

Rob’s writing about pain on a Sunday night. Why? Is he watching Fear the Walking Dead or something? No. That’s not for a couple of weeks. We are still safe.

No, I’m talking about exercise. I still have 24 minutes to do today and I only have 2.5 hours left. My legs are killing me. My back is killing me. Everything is killing me.

Fear isn’t on, but the main show is on. Shits getting weird at the Commonwealth, right? There is 25 minutes left in tonight’s show so I can probably finish my 24 minutes of exercise during the commercial breaks. Har Har Har.

Work was rough on Friday. It spilled over into Saturday. I didn’t hear anything today. Hopefully nothing happened. I’m out tomorrow because I’m taking my mother to a doctor’s appointment. That means I’m worried about work and worried about her at the same time. It could be a fun morning, right?

I don’t feel any negative effects of Covid-19 vax shot #4. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

Okay, the Zombies are back on. No spoilers, but who woulda thought that Daryl was Rick’s father. What a twist!

Perfect Week

With all the work around the house we did this weekend, and all the pain and soreness and exhaustion that went with it, this weekend’s exercise rings were the hardest to close I’ve done yet. Ouch.

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead was really excellent though. That helped a lot.

Uncover the Secrets of the Scoop

Yesterday I wrote about the existential crisis I faced when trying to mix up my first protein shake. I had been lead to believe, by my own eyes, that the huge bucket of protein shake powder did not come with a scoop. Today, day two of the new shake world order, I took a tablespoon and tried to dig out about 32 grams of powder. While digging in the huge bucket I found the scoop buried inside.

Now, knowing what the shake tastes like with the exact correct milk to powder ration, how’d it taste? Okay. I promise I won’t be drinking it for fun, but I also won’t be turning my nose up at it. I’ll put it into the weight loss surgery win column.

What else is going on today, no the first business day of vacation? I tried to watch The Walking Dead on my iPad while sitting in the living room with Jen and Harry last night, but they were watching Rick and Morty and I had to join them. I mean… Mr Nimbus, right? I am watching the new episode on AMC’s website and the stream during the commercial breaks is screwing up left and right. I’m not very optimistic that it’s going to let me get through the whole episode, but amazingly I just heard one of the new bad guys use the phrase, “mother puss bucket” in what can only be thought of as a verbal tip of the hat to Ghostbusters but given that I use that phrase as a verbal tip of the hat to Ghostbusters I am feeling seen and acknowledged right now.

So what’s the music plan for my vacation week? I mentioned doing an album in a day, but I am not going to go through with it. Instead I will just try to come up with a couple of song ideas for Record Every Month. I was also thinking of hitting up Guitar Center and trying to trade in my Strat. Instead I might get back into the idea of finding someone to overhaul my Les Paul Custom. Like everything else, it all depends on money.

What about non-musical plans for the vacation week? Well, I’m glad you asked. We are thinking about getting back to figuring out the ways and means of upgrading out kitchen. We’re going to do some research tonight. You know, do some interviews. Ask some questions. Rattle some trees and see what shakes out. We’ll let you know.

Okay, this morning’s zombie watch is now past the point where I stopped last night. I’m going to pay more attention now. Talk to ya’ll later.

Mutha Puss Bucket.

The Zombies are Finally Back Again

Sunday February 20, 2022. Season 11, episode 9. The Walking Dead is finally back. It feels like an eternity since the last episode.

World Beyond was good. Fear the Walking Dead is atrocious. There’s nothing like the main show though. 16 episodes left, including tonight. Enjoy the zombified goodness while you can, kids because the end is coming. Figuratively as well as literally, right?

Insert zombie sounds here.

My Brain and My Hands are Now Mush

I have spent maybe three hours working on guitar parts today. I put rhythm guitars on three songs (song numbers 16-18 if you’re keeping track, and I know you are not), started a new song (titled song number 19 for now), and put leads onto three songs (titled song number 2 through 4).

I did all of the rhythm tracks first, then the leads. I was okay when I started working on leads. The first song went well. While working on the second song I was thinking I might be needing a break. The third song was totally overdoing it.

After all of that time my hands and my ears and my brain all feel like a fuzzy mush. I definitely need a break. I think I’ll watch an episode or two of Disenchantment, then make dinner for the love of my life, then we’ll see what happens. I still have to do all of my exercise, and there is an episode of a certain zombie show airing at 9:00pm. I need to be ready for that.

(Insert the sound of a zombie hissing here. Unless you’re not a Walking Dead fan, in which case insert the sound of a more Romero style zombie moaning here instead)

Looking Ahead

It’s the end of my lunch break on Friday. I’m looking ahead to the weekend. What’s going on?

We have a problem in our kitchen and someone is coming over to take a look and maybe give an estimate. We will all be masked and distanced and I really hate having people invade our Covid bubble but what can you do. After that I am going to bring some groceries over to my parents. Again, masks and distance. Outside of that?

One song needs rhythm guitars. 11 songs need lead guitars. One song is ready for vocals. At least six songs do not exist and need to start existing.

Other than that? I heard snow could be a thing this weekend. I choose to ignore that as even the slightest possibility. No thank you. The yard was covered with snow when I left the house yesterday morning. By the time I got home it was all gone. All of it. This morning I saw the temperature reach 60 degrees. It’s now 37 and dropping like a stone. Cold in February sucks, but it’s better than cold and snow. No snow. Pretty please with sugar on top.

Oh yeah, one other insignificant thing. The Walking Dead comes back on Sunday night. To paraphrase Adam Sandler (actually, more like steal a lyric from Adam Sandler), Zombies for me. Zombies for you. Like to kill zombies in an old brown shoe.

I am so ready for some weekend right now. So ready.

Fanboy Weekend

The last two episodes of The Book of Boba Fett have been so good that I have had Star Wars on the brain for days. This weekend, while I should have been doing more productive things, I have watched the whole sequel trilogy. I didn’t mean to. I was just in that mood, you know? On Friday night I just went over to the Disney+ and popped on Rise of Skywalker. It turned my nerd up to 11. Yesterday I did the same with The Last Jedi. A little while ago I put on The Force Awakens. It’s on right now. FN2187 just got chewed out by Captain Phasma.

So yeah, I watched them in reverse order. So what? You wanna make something out of it?

The Book of Boba Fett ends on Wednesday. Then what? Star Trek Picard comes back in early March. The next Marvel series comes out in late March, I think. When do the zombies come back? Oh Google? The second part of the three part 11th season of The Walking Dead comes back on February 20th. So why not watch me some Star Wars, even if it is in reverse order? Maybe next weekend I’ll start a Marvel rewatch. It probably won’t be in reverse order though.

Think I can blow through the whole MCU in one weekend?

Chef Lardo

The chicken is in the oven, the veggies are all prepped. I have about 7.5 minutes before I have to start prepping the quinoa, and I typo’d the word “the” twice in the first sentence.

Yup, it’s time for bed.

It’s December 6th today and the weather is weird. It was raining and blah all day, but it was also warm. The temps were in the high 50’s. I actually thought about opening up some windows, and I had my little desktop fan on for a while. How crazy is that?

Today at lunch I read about a mini-galaxy with a black hole at the center that is almost as big as ours. That does not compute, but it is also awesomely cool. There was a lot of online buzz about the two Walking Dead shows from last night. Well… not Fear, that show was atrocious and pretty much everyone agrees. No, the item of interest happened a couple hours after the episode aired when they announced the original lead character, who was supposed to have been killed off three years ago, is coming back. Oh good. I sure the writing they use to pull that off will be stellar. Yes.

Also, lots of buzz about the end of World Beyond. Specifically the post credit scene where we visit another country for the first time, and a tie in to the original show’s season one finale. It’s interesting and all, but it seems odd to give us a cliff hanger at the end of a show that literally no longer exists. I mean, it would have worked better if they told us where we could expect the pay off to come from. As it is we know there’s a road trip spin off from the main show coming, an anthology show which seems like a convenient excuse to bring back dead characters without retconning the way the morons at Fear are about to, and a set of hypothetical, near mythical movies. Safe to assume any payoff would be in the theaters, but who the hell knows. Whatever, the end of World Beyond was pretty satisfying and on the whole the two seasons ended in a way that makes me happy I stuck with it.

Okay. Time to prep the quinoa. Enough of this TV recap bullshit. It’s time for Chef Lard Ass to get-a-cookin’!


I made a command decision today. I am not putting christmas lights on the house this weekend. Maybe next weekend. Maybe wait until Harry comes home and gamble with the weather. I just don’t have it in me today.

The christmas present deliveries have begun in earnest. UPS and Fed Ex and Amazon all have setup distribution centers in our front yard. So far they are all getting along with each other but I am a little worried about the possibility of some sort of gang war breaking out. I’ll keep ’em in line. I used to work for UPS so if the other two gang up on them I’ll clearly side with my former people, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Jen is cooking a huge Sunday dinner. Robert is lucky. So very lucky.

I haven’t played any guitar today. There was a window of time this morning where I could have, but I did not. In true rock and roll fashion, I declared that 9:00am was too early and watched some Tacoma FD instead.

We have a tentatively scheduled FaceTime call with Harry in a few minutes. At some point after that we will have our glorious Sunday dinner. Maybe some guitar playing after that. And then….

…and then… it’s Sunday so you know what that means. It happens 16 times a year and tonight will be the last one for a few months… a Fear the Walking Dead hate watch. 9:00pm. Be there or be… sane. Be there or don’t be a masochist. Be there or have actual good taste in television programs. Of course at 10:00pm we get the series finale of World Beyond. They told us right off the bat that it would only be two seasons and each season would be 10 episodes. Tonight is the 10th episode of season two. The end. Fortunately, despite a rather blah first season, the second half of the second season has been pretty much out of this world. Appointment viewing. I just wish it aired before Fear.

Okay. Harry’s calling. Talk to ya’ll later.