17 Minutes from the End

Well kids, it’s been a fun run, but the fun is about to end. On Halloween night in 2010 The Walking Dead premiered. 17 minutes from now the series finale will air.

I started watching on Netflix around the time season three debuted. I enjoyed the first season and the first half of season two, but it was that mid season finale from season two that made me a fan for life. That episode… it still gets to me after all this time. It’s not the best show I’ve ever seen (that honor probably goes to The Leftovers, or maybe The Handmaid’s Tale) but it’s definitely my favorite show. I never thought I’d be more invested in a show than I was for Dead Like Me, but that masterpiece was axed after two season. TWD has run for 11.

Sure there are oodles of spin offs coming in the near future, but they will never hit me the way the original hit me.

12 more minutes until it airs, and then it’s look at the flowers, Walking Dead.

In closing… Dad?