I have a doctors appointment this morning that is not related to my weight loss surgery. Is that even possible?

My primary care office called me a couple of months ago (I think) and reminded me that I haven’t had a standard check up in 600 years. Maybe it’s time, they suggested. Okay.

My exercise is done for the day, breakfast is done (protein bars again. I’m a little gun shy after a few bad meals this weekend), I’m all ready to go. Why do I feel nervous? Because I always feel nervous about doctors appointments. Oh well.

The Walking Dead is over. The episode was good. I wonder if a year from now will I still think it was good. It wrapped up the one outstanding storyline and then gave about half an hour of postscript that felt a little confusing. They did kill a bunch of zeds though, so that was cool.

Okay. Time to go. Wish me luck.