Kinda Bummed

I just e-checked in for my doctors appointment tomorrow morning. I also e-checked in for my doctors appointment on Thursday morning. They are both at 8:15am. What the fuck was I thinking? The Thursday appointment notes say I can drink clear liquids before the appointment but I can’t eat anything.


Two doctors appointments this week. Two doctors appointments next week too. Again, what the fuck was I thinking?

In an unrelated note, Lily is showing a tremendous amount of affection toward my beloved bride, Jennifer right now and and I am very happy about it. So is she. No bummer there, no sir.

All is Well So Far

It’s 7:43am. My exercise goal has been nearly doubled. My calorie goal is almost reached. My liquid goal is at 50%. My protein goal is at a smidge over 25%. No stomach issues so far. Also, much less importantly, I am up to date on season two of Yellowjackets. As with the previous 13 episodes, I need to ask: WTF???

I have a doctors appointment this morning. I had that MRI on Easter Sunday (I posted about it once or 100 times) and there’s something in the image that requires some investigating. The radiologist and my primary care physician both expect that it’s nuttin, honey, but I’m going to see a neurosurgeon today to get another opinion.

Am I nervous? No. Not at all. I won’t be unless this doc gives me something to be nervous about, but I’m confident that he or she won’t. I’m hoping we might get a hint on how to stop the migraines. That would be nice, right?

Anyway, I gotta go feed the cats and get ready for my appointment. Here’s hoping that all continues to go well today, both in my tiny little brain and in my tiny little redesigned stomach. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, and even though it’s Friday and not Wednesday I stepped on the scale this morning. I figured it was worth a shot given that I barely ate anything last night. 209.8. Back under 210 Can I stay there for a while? Not likely.

Another Migraine

I went 10 days without a migraine headache. The streak is over though. I had about 40 minutes without being able to focus my eyes. That seems to be passing, thankfully. Unfortunately I am now in the massive headache stage. I need to fight through the next 45 minutes and get through the work day. We’ll see how I feel at that point.

I fought through the vision phase enough to book a doctors appointment for Thursday morning. Fingers crossed we figure this bullshit out.

I need two hours of stand time to close my third and final apple watch activity app goal. I need about 20 more ounces of liquid to hit that goal, and 25 grams of protein to hit the food goal. I also need to have two more calcium pills, which have been really tough for the last couple of days.


Week 43 Weigh In

I had my nine month check in with my surgeon yesterday. Everything is going great. I mentioned that I’ve been having a tough time eating over the last month or so and she said that’s common. I guess when you’re this far along you just start getting cocky. It was good to know there isn’t some surprise in my stomach that is making things go south. I asked about leveling off the weight loss. She assured me it’s going to happen, and that I’ll probably gain a little back too. She said I need to keep doing the exercises I’m doing but also do more for building muscle, and that will be part of slowing down the weight loss.

So I have some things to think about and some things to work on going forward. For today at least, it is Wednesday and Wednesday is weigh in day. How did I do? Last week I was at 220.60. Today the scale had me at 217.40. That’s a loss of 3.2 pounds. So much for leveling off, eh? Part of that is likely due to not hitting my food goal yesterday, especially given that over the last few weeks I haven’t just hit the 80 gram protein goal, I’ve been obliterating it. I’ve been topping 100 grams regularly, and often topping 110. The doctor said that’s fine. I’m 6’4″ tall. I’m half the man I used to be, but I’m still a big person. I can handle a little extra and still lose weight.

Dropping below 220 is the only milestone this week. My BMI went from 26.8 to 26.5. My weight loss since the surgery is now at an amazing 214 and the weight loss since the first check in is at an astounding 234.6. I’ve lost 17.2 more pounds than I currently am. It’s insane.

So that’s the latest on the weight loss. The next weigh in will be early this week. The monthly weigh in will be on Saturday. I am not expecting a lot, but hopefully I’ll creep down a little by then. We will see. I am having a bad day so far today. I have a stomach ache and I’m not sure why. It might be a case of being hungry and not really knowing what that feels like anymore. I have an hour to go before I break for lunch. Maybe I’ll have a small snack and see if I feel better.

Two Stops Today

I had a doctors appointment today. Did you know that my primary care doctor moved to a new location? I didn’t. I was a couple of minutes late. Ooops.


Everything went swimmingly. I was told to keep up the good work, so I will.


I got out of the appointment early enough to make two stops for Jen. One at a drug store, the other at a grocery store. When I got home it was still early enough for me to pack up all of my clothes that are now too big for me and bring them over to goodwill and donate them. Hopefully someone will find a good use for the old suit I included, as well as last year’s ugly Christmas sweater. I guess I have to get a new one of those soon too.



I have a doctors appointment this morning that is not related to my weight loss surgery. Is that even possible?

My primary care office called me a couple of months ago (I think) and reminded me that I haven’t had a standard check up in 600 years. Maybe it’s time, they suggested. Okay.

My exercise is done for the day, breakfast is done (protein bars again. I’m a little gun shy after a few bad meals this weekend), I’m all ready to go. Why do I feel nervous? Because I always feel nervous about doctors appointments. Oh well.

The Walking Dead is over. The episode was good. I wonder if a year from now will I still think it was good. It wrapped up the one outstanding storyline and then gave about half an hour of postscript that felt a little confusing. They did kill a bunch of zeds though, so that was cool.

Okay. Time to go. Wish me luck.

Planning for Tomorrow

I am only working half a day tomorrow. I am leaving early for a doctors appointment. I am meeting with the nutritionist. I have a note on my phone with a few questions I need to ask. Hopefully it will all go well.

Star Wars: Andor comes out tomorrow. I am so ready. They are giving us three episodes on day one, and the scuttlebutt says they should have just released it as stand alone movie. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I had zero interest in this show when it was first announced, but the closer we get to the release the more hyped up I got. Now that it’s here I cannot wait. I hope to get up early enough to watch at least one episode before work. Let’s go!

This doesn’t relate to tomorrow, as far as I know, but the great spider hunt just tallied four more victims. One of these days those bastards are going to organize themselves into some form of spider militia and they are going to come for me. Until that day comes… the hunt continues.