I’m Exhausted

I’m so tired. Holy cow, is Robert tired. I mean, I am just completely out of gas.

The kids went over to their father’s house this afternoon and now I am sad. I’m pretty much as sad today as I was happy the last two days. Ugh. Also, I am exhausted and a little brain fried. Half my staff was out today and our biggest customer let us have it with both barrels. Well… that makes it sound like they were pissed at us. No, they just opened new tickets and escalated them all. Yippee. I think we’re leaving them in a good place tonight though so I am happy. I’m still super tired though.

I don’t feel good. Something I ate last night is disagreeing with me today. No clue what, but something. I’m also so tired that my eyes are super tired and now I’m getting a headache. Have I said yippee yet? Yippee.

13 minutes until I am clear to punch out for the day. I am going to make Jen dinner and then… pass out asleep? Maybe. We’ll see. I can tell how excited you are to see how this day ends up. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

That was a Good Weekend

It’s Monday again and it goes without saying that Mondays suck. Mondays sucking is one of the undeniable truths of 21st century existence, am I right or am I right?

Mondays are much easier to take after a whole weekend with the kids though. We didn’t really do anything except for hang out in the living room watching the tube and laughing a lot. It was basically the best weekend ever. The only downside is that at some point this afternoon they are leaving for their father’s house for a couple of days. That’s going to bring the Monday sucking back to it’s normal suck level.

Until that time though, the kids are both in the house and this is as good as a Monday work day can get.

Cat Logic

As the cat strolls into my room with a jaunty “meow” or two, I pause to wonder what she’s thinking….

Is she thinking, “when are the kids going to wake up so that I can hang out with them?”

Or is she thinking, “why are the kids’ bedroom doors both shut? I wanna go in there and vomit on their pillows.”

I cannot say for sure what she’s thinking, but if I were a betting man I would guess it was one of those two things…. Probably the pukey one.

Kids Come Tomorrow

It’s Thursday. Work days today and tomorrow and then tomorrow evening the kids come home for a week. Kick ass, dude.

The house is ready. Everything is clean and tidy and set for us to trick them into believing that I magically stopped being a slob over the last few months. I am sure this will fool ’em good.

We get them this weekend, then Dad gets them on Monday and Tuesday, then we get them on Wednesday and Thursday (Thanksgiving), then Dad gets them the weekend after Thanksgiving and then they go back to Vermont. We’ll be right back to the pre-college schedule as if nothing ever happened.

I fear I am going to be in a crummy mood today. I let shit get to me last night and I haven’t gotten past it yet. Rest assured, I am going to be as happy as the proverbial pig in shit come Friday evening. I am really excited to see both of them again.

Oh yeah, I have to move the office chair I was using in Harry’s room to the cellar. He has his own chair and doesn’t need two in his room. Don’t forget, you fat dumb ass loser piece of shit. Get ‘er done, as the saying goes.

Okay, it’s 8:53am so I am going to sign in to work. I have a meeting to go to and a potentially stressful issue from yesterday to get caught up on. Happy Thursday, ya maniacs!

It is Wednesday

Today is Wednesday. Know what that means? It means two days until the kids come home for their Thanksgiving break. We only have them for a few days, and one of those days is actually Thanksgiving. Somehow we have to cram all of the Christmas decorating into the rest of the time. That includes a Christmas tree. Home Depot is already selling them, so they are there if we need it. Harry wants to get one at a tree farm. I am 100% out of my element there. Personally, I want to put up the fake one we had last year. We had so many lights on that tree (including the ones that came with it) that you could LITERALLY* see it from space.

What else… I don’t know. I want Santa to bring me a new cellar. Fat chance of that. Maybe a new MacBook Pro instead? hehehe

Okay, going to work. Talk later.

*No, you could not literally see the tree from space. There were a shit load of lights though, and it was super, super bright.

Bed Time Musings

I’m tired, but not that tired. You know?

I just scratched a little bug bite on my shoulder and it’s bleeding like an open tap now. Gimme a second to deal….

I grab one tissue from the box and four come out. Chaos! I guess it’s just one of those nights.

I’ve gotten consistently bad sleep over the last week or so. Last night I even turned in without putting on the CPAP mask. Jen woke me up an hour later with a yo, ‘sup? That wasn’t enough to cause the bad sleep that followed, but when all was said and done it probably didn’t help much.

Did I mention we got an unscheduled call from Bellana today? No reason, just saying hello. How cool is that? Both kids will be home for Thanksgiving break on Friday. I can’t flippin’ wait! harry is already planning out when we watch Shang Chi together. Bring it on!

Okay, I’m going to try to sleep now. I promise I won’t forget my O2 mask.

Good night, dear readers. Talk to ya’ll tomorrow.