Kids Come Tomorrow

It’s Thursday. Work days today and tomorrow and then tomorrow evening the kids come home for a week. Kick ass, dude.

The house is ready. Everything is clean and tidy and set for us to trick them into believing that I magically stopped being a slob over the last few months. I am sure this will fool ’em good.

We get them this weekend, then Dad gets them on Monday and Tuesday, then we get them on Wednesday and Thursday (Thanksgiving), then Dad gets them the weekend after Thanksgiving and then they go back to Vermont. We’ll be right back to the pre-college schedule as if nothing ever happened.

I fear I am going to be in a crummy mood today. I let shit get to me last night and I haven’t gotten past it yet. Rest assured, I am going to be as happy as the proverbial pig in shit come Friday evening. I am really excited to see both of them again.

Oh yeah, I have to move the office chair I was using in Harry’s room to the cellar. He has his own chair and doesn’t need two in his room. Don’t forget, you fat dumb ass loser piece of shit. Get ‘er done, as the saying goes.

Okay, it’s 8:53am so I am going to sign in to work. I have a meeting to go to and a potentially stressful issue from yesterday to get caught up on. Happy Thursday, ya maniacs!

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