Christmas Light Critters

We left our Christmas lights from last year hung up along the edge of the roof. A few weeks ago I noticed a spot near the end of the string where it was broken. Crap. I guess we have to replace them this year.

That’s where things started getting weird. The lights were wrapped around the railings next to the stairs leading up to our two front doors. Strangely, the wires have been broken all over the railings and all of the bulbs are gone. What the hell?

Now there are 3-4 places along the edge of the roof where the strand has been broken, and again many of the bulbs are gone.

Over the last week or so I have started seeing bulbs in random places in the yard. Once I saw three of them in the back yard next to the house. For reference, we didn’t hang any lights on the back of the house. Today if you were to look in the same spot, all three bulbs are gone.

There is, however, a bulb on the fire pit, and other bulbs in random places in the back or on the sides of the house, nowhere near where the lights were hung.

So there are two questions to ask. First, which critters are chewing the lights off of our house, and two, if I put up new lights are the same critters going to chew through those as well?

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One thought on “Christmas Light Critters

  1. Sherm believe you have raccoon problems. He says racoons are pretty damn smart little buggers and unscrewing light bulbs would be really easy for them to do. If you put up another set of lights, they’re probably going to do the same thing. He says when you take down the ones that are useless, coil them up (if you can) and put them somewhere in the back of the house. Maybe the critters will focus on those rather than the new ones. Good luck!

    You may be able to ask some animal expert (maybe someone at UVM???) if there is anything you could maybe spray on the lights to repel them. Just a thought…

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