It is Wednesday

Today is Wednesday. Know what that means? It means two days until the kids come home for their Thanksgiving break. We only have them for a few days, and one of those days is actually Thanksgiving. Somehow we have to cram all of the Christmas decorating into the rest of the time. That includes a Christmas tree. Home Depot is already selling them, so they are there if we need it. Harry wants to get one at a tree farm. I am 100% out of my element there. Personally, I want to put up the fake one we had last year. We had so many lights on that tree (including the ones that came with it) that you could LITERALLY* see it from space.

What else… I don’t know. I want Santa to bring me a new cellar. Fat chance of that. Maybe a new MacBook Pro instead? hehehe

Okay, going to work. Talk later.

*No, you could not literally see the tree from space. There were a shit load of lights though, and it was super, super bright.

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