I made a command decision today. I am not putting christmas lights on the house this weekend. Maybe next weekend. Maybe wait until Harry comes home and gamble with the weather. I just don’t have it in me today.

The christmas present deliveries have begun in earnest. UPS and Fed Ex and Amazon all have setup distribution centers in our front yard. So far they are all getting along with each other but I am a little worried about the possibility of some sort of gang war breaking out. I’ll keep ’em in line. I used to work for UPS so if the other two gang up on them I’ll clearly side with my former people, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Jen is cooking a huge Sunday dinner. Robert is lucky. So very lucky.

I haven’t played any guitar today. There was a window of time this morning where I could have, but I did not. In true rock and roll fashion, I declared that 9:00am was too early and watched some Tacoma FD instead.

We have a tentatively scheduled FaceTime call with Harry in a few minutes. At some point after that we will have our glorious Sunday dinner. Maybe some guitar playing after that. And then….

…and then… it’s Sunday so you know what that means. It happens 16 times a year and tonight will be the last one for a few months… a Fear the Walking Dead hate watch. 9:00pm. Be there or be… sane. Be there or don’t be a masochist. Be there or have actual good taste in television programs. Of course at 10:00pm we get the series finale of World Beyond. They told us right off the bat that it would only be two seasons and each season would be 10 episodes. Tonight is the 10th episode of season two. The end. Fortunately, despite a rather blah first season, the second half of the second season has been pretty much out of this world. Appointment viewing. I just wish it aired before Fear.

Okay. Harry’s calling. Talk to ya’ll later.

Thirsty Tree

When we decorated the tree last week, Harry put a tree skirt around the base that covered the entire stand. We were no longer able to see into the stand to see the water level. Jen and I were just filling up a quart measuring cup with water and pouring it into the little funnel thing and forgetting about it.

Well, today I opened up the tree skirt to see the actual level and… I couldn’t see any water at all. Granted the angle is bad and so is the lighting so I couldn’t actually see all the way to the bottom, but there was nothing within my field of vision. It took a whole gallon before it looked full again. Fingers crossed we didn’t let the tree die over the last week with our measly quarts. Also, fingers crossed I didn’t just drown the poor bastard.


More Progress

I started at noon and got interrupted at about 1:45. Guitars, babie. Guitars. I did rhythm and leads on three songs. Well… one song still needs one little eight bar solo, but I’ll get to that after the christmas tree is done. The kids should be here any minute. After that I’ve got two more songs ready for leads and one song that needs rhythm and leads. After that… I don’t know. Maybe add up the total time for the eight songs currently part of the project and if it hits 30 minutes declare myself done, otherwise try to add another one. I still have two days after today, but there is also a lot of mixing to do.

I’m sure I’ll snap a guitar pic or two when I get back to it later tonight. It is GibSunday after all. As for now, the plan is to decorate, maybe watch a TV show for a bit, maybe eat some dinner, and then back to it! I think the Walking Dead spin offs are going to have to wait until tomorrow (it is Sunday, after all).

Now, where did I put that owl ornament?

Sleep is a Jerk

Three days in a row worth of totally crappy sleep. What the hell, bro? I think I woke up about six times last night. What the hell, bro?

Today is the day that the christmas decorations are going to start coming out. I know we’re still nearly a week away from Thanksgiving and all but with 50% of the household in college, today, Wednesday, and Thanksgiving itself are pretty much the only days we have left until they actually come home for christmas.

Unfortunately for me, everything is in the cellar and was moved into the storage area when the flood damage was cleaned up. I now need to find it all. I am not looking forward to digging through the piles of stuff. No worries though, I’ll get it all.

Gobble Ho Ho Ho Gobble and all that jazz.

It is Wednesday

Today is Wednesday. Know what that means? It means two days until the kids come home for their Thanksgiving break. We only have them for a few days, and one of those days is actually Thanksgiving. Somehow we have to cram all of the Christmas decorating into the rest of the time. That includes a Christmas tree. Home Depot is already selling them, so they are there if we need it. Harry wants to get one at a tree farm. I am 100% out of my element there. Personally, I want to put up the fake one we had last year. We had so many lights on that tree (including the ones that came with it) that you could LITERALLY* see it from space.

What else… I don’t know. I want Santa to bring me a new cellar. Fat chance of that. Maybe a new MacBook Pro instead? hehehe

Okay, going to work. Talk later.

*No, you could not literally see the tree from space. There were a shit load of lights though, and it was super, super bright.