The Phantom Mouse Click

I am sitting at my desk in the bedroom watching yesterday’s That Pedal Show VCQ Live when I got a pop up on my screen saying my track pad was connected. Sure, I knew that already. I’m sittin’ here using it. Then a bunch of things popped up on my screen; The Vivaldi browser’s help window, and a download prompt, and then my YouTube window started scrolling.

I have a second wireless keyboard and track pad in Jen’s office for when I hang out at the second desk in there. I wonder if Jen put something down on the desk and it landed on the track pad. Jen came out into the kitchen and I asked. She had no idea what I was talking about.

That’s when we figured it out together. I went in to the office and sure enough there is Patches, sitting on my backup track pad.

No, kitty. You cannot take over my computer. You can’t read.

It is Wednesday

Today is Wednesday. Know what that means? It means two days until the kids come home for their Thanksgiving break. We only have them for a few days, and one of those days is actually Thanksgiving. Somehow we have to cram all of the Christmas decorating into the rest of the time. That includes a Christmas tree. Home Depot is already selling them, so they are there if we need it. Harry wants to get one at a tree farm. I am 100% out of my element there. Personally, I want to put up the fake one we had last year. We had so many lights on that tree (including the ones that came with it) that you could LITERALLY* see it from space.

What else… I don’t know. I want Santa to bring me a new cellar. Fat chance of that. Maybe a new MacBook Pro instead? hehehe

Okay, going to work. Talk later.

*No, you could not literally see the tree from space. There were a shit load of lights though, and it was super, super bright.

Doofus Moment

Way to go, Apple Fan Boy. Way to miss out on the simplest, yet ridiculously useful function available on your Mac.

There I was, thinking that I could only use the Messenger Application with fellow Apple folks.

Imagine my surprise when I was a single check box click away from having all of my SMS messages show up on my computer.

Ugh… dumb ass.

What was it Brody said? Here is your finger, far from the pulse, shoved straight up your ass? Something like that.*

*That’s a Kevin Smith reference. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?

Unplanned Road Trip

I may be making an unplanned drive up to Vermont this week. Possibly soon.

Harry’s laptop has suffered a tragic accident and may be on laptop-death’s door. There is a strong possibility that I might have to run a replacement up to him. Not sure yet, but I gave work a heads up I might have to bolt with little to no notice.

If only his school let Freshmen keep a car on campus. He would have already been here and been halfway back by now.

Oh, the webs the universe weaves.

What’s Up for Sunday?

Jen has to get up early for work tomorrow so I should get up early too and do some car music. What do you think? Then when I get home I should put leads on anything I manage to finish during the car music. Sound good? We have something going on in the afternoon that’s going to pull me away from things for an hour or so. That’s cool with you, isn’t it?

After that… Halloween. Covid-19 Halloween. Covid-19 Halloween The Second Coming. Shit. Last year the city canceled it all. This year it’s going off as usual. We won’t be playing along. We’ll be hiding in the back of the house. I’ll probably be mixing something. I think you’ll be okay with it. I hope you will, at least.

So should I install Parallels on my MacBook Pro so that I can play Windows games? I had been playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic a little. I can’t play that on my Mac. If I get Parallels I should be able to play it. I wonder how much the software costs. Would you think less of me if I got it?

The Bruins are playing The Panthers tonight. They kicked our ass the other night but it was overshadowed by something to do with the sexual abuse scandal that came out of Chicago recently. I don’t know the details, I just know that a lot of people got the sack. I really need to learn the details of this story but I am still really furious over the fact that the catholic church overlooked the sexual abuse of children for decades and any time I come across a similar story I just want to fucking vomit all over the people responsible and I do not want to vomit today. You know what I mean, don’t you?

Now I am pissed off. I didn’t want to be pissed off.

To make matters worse, it’s pouring rain out. Shit. I am so sick of rain.

Portrait Cat

In honor of today’s Apple Event, I took two desk pics of Patches in portrait mode, using the 1x lens.

Happy M1 MacBook Pros day*!

*Based on rumors. The event might still be going on but I haven’t checked in. Hopefully there will be new MacBook Pros. Covid-Christmas II is coming, after all.

Car Music

Car music today! Success even though I SUCK AT SINGING.

I finished five songs. I have three more that are ready to go and I am hoping to add two more to the list. That means there will likely be another car music tomorrow and maybe one more after that. 10 days left including today. Yikes!

When I got home I moved the MacBook and all that come with it from Harry’s room back into our room. I now have a Mac desk in one room and a Windows desk in another. Am I out of my mind? Yupper. Affirmative.

Now I have to go get my haircut before its mass reaches the point of hydrostatic equilibrium and it crushes my entire body into a spherical shape and small objects start orbiting me. Granted, my gut is already at this stage, I just mean that my hair will be at that stage too, right? I’ll be sort of like a binary planetary system or some shit.

Oh, and here’s the clock downtown!

Hey, Does This Work?

Testing, 1… 2… 3…

Yup, the new USB hub I just plugged into my Mac works, and by extension the keyboard I just pulled from the office desk to the bedroom desk works too.

Thanks, you may carry on with your bad selves now.

Trying Again

I’m taking another crack at inheriting a much upgraded MacBook Pro. It didn’t work well a couple of weeks ago and I got frustrated. Take two is already going smoother and it’s only been 15 minutes.