Oh No!

Oh no!  The inherited MacBook wouldn’t install the backup from my 2016 MacBook Pro, and then it wouldn’t reinstall the current MacOS from the Apple server either!

I’m going to try a couple more things, but I am sad.  Not really, because my 2016 MacBook Pro is still in pretty much perfect shape, but I like new stuff, you know?

We’ll see what happens.


My beloved wife, Jennifer, wants to buy a new MacBook Pro.

This post is me announcing to the universe, both known and unknown, that I’m cool with it.

If anyone has worked hard enough to earn themselves a new Mac Lappie, it’s her.

Absent Minded Nitwit

I mentioned yesterday that I was hoping to mix two songs tonight.

Every other Friday I spend the evening hanging out with my mom at my folks’ house while my dad does volunteer work. I get there around quarter to seven and leave about quarter past 10. My mother is usually asleep not long after 8:00, so I usually bring my computer and mess around with music while I wait for Dad to come home. The plan tonight was to try to mix one or both of the two songs that are ready.

This morning before I left I put my computer into my backpack (MacBook Pro, beetches). I had my awesome new blue tooth Bose headphones in their case sitting right next to the computer. I also had my awesome Sennheiser cans, the ones I used to mix last February’s RPM, and last November’s NaSoAlMo, and every thing in between, sitting right there on the desk next to the Bose headphones and the computer.

I forgot to put either pair of headphones into the backpack. I have an old pair of ear buds. Urgh. One of the songs that’s ready to mix is far and away my favorite of this month’s batch (meaning on a scale from 1-10 it’s a 3) so I will mix the other one first. I don’t want to waste the time, and I don’t want to mix a potentially decent song using ear buds.

I am an absent minded nitwit.

Very Short OS X Mavericks Review

I updated both of my Apple computers to OS X Mavericks. I haven’t really done much on the iMac since upgrading. I’ve been using the MacBook Pro while watching the two World Series games. I have two things to note about Mavericks:

1. The Good. I used to get about two hours, maybe a little less, worth of battery time. Since upgrading, I’ve gone from 99% down to 93% in about 30 minutes. That seems like a really good start as far as the battery life improvements go. Granted, I haven’t done anything more involved than posting to Twitter, reading Facebook, and posting this update to WordPress. Nothing major, but still a good start.

2. The Bad. I don’t know if this is related or not, but the time to boot up is insane. It’s like Windows bad. Really bad. I didn’t time it, but it took a seriously long time. I was very disappointed.

That’s all I have for a Mavericks review. I hope it helps you, loyal readers.

And in case you were wondering, David Ortiz just hit a two run home run to give the Red Sox the lead in the sixth inning of game two.

Go Red Sox!

Comic Book Kitty

Jen and I are both at home, sitting on couch using our laptops. I have a goal to learn how to write an iOS application. The deadline for that goal is roughly some day before I die. I want to install the development tool kit onto my MacBook Pro, but I have to upgrade my OS first. As I sit here waiting for the download to finish, it occurs to me that I have never submitted the cat to Photo Booth.

That oversight has been taken care of.

Comic Book Kitty


I consolidated every GarageBand file I’ve ever created onto one machine tonight. Some came from my iPad 2, others from my New iPad, a few from my iPhone, many from my Mac mini, and many more from my MacBook Pro. My MacBook Pro now contains a folder for finished songs, including sub folders for the last two RPMs, a folder for songs I would like to finish within the next month or so, and a folder for song ideas that I don’t know what to do with. I was especially looking for two ancient songs that I know I have unfinished recordings of somewhere, but after coming up empty across all of my various Apple devices, I think I know where they are. On SVHS tapes in ADAT format. Yup, definitely going to start those over again. My 8-track days are over.

I am king nerd. Bow before my uber nerdliness.

iOS Question, Answered

A little lunch time Googling told me that I was right in my assumption that you cannot change the default browser on an iOS device.  It is possible if you jail break your device, but I have no interest in doing that.

I guess I will just have to copy links out of emails and other apps.  Not too big a deal, but I do want to use Chrome instead of Safari for now.  I really don’t know why.

I was a die hard Firefox user until I got my iMac.  For some reason when I set up the new computer I installed Chrome right away.  I don’t think I installed Firefox at all.  I actually use both at work as I have my own Google account and we use Gmail for work and I prefer to keep them separate.  I want both accounts open so I use two browsers.  Chrome for work, Firefox for personal.

Since getting the iMac I had rarely used my MacBook Pro.  During the February music goofiness I used it quite a bit and without really thinking about it I was using Chrome for all of my browsing.  Given that I kept all of the song arrangements and lyrics on a Google Document, and that every single idea I had got uploaded to the ‘net somewhere, I did a lot of browsing during the music making.

I guess Chrome just quietly won me over.  I don’t think the browsing experience is any better or worse in iOS, at least as far as rendering the pages is concerned.  I do prefer the tabbed functions in Chrome to the multi-page functions in Safari.  Maybe I’m just a nerd.

Yeah, I’m probably just a nerd.