The Phantom Mouse Click

I am sitting at my desk in the bedroom watching yesterday’s That Pedal Show VCQ Live when I got a pop up on my screen saying my track pad was connected. Sure, I knew that already. I’m sittin’ here using it. Then a bunch of things popped up on my screen; The Vivaldi browser’s help window, and a download prompt, and then my YouTube window started scrolling.

I have a second wireless keyboard and track pad in Jen’s office for when I hang out at the second desk in there. I wonder if Jen put something down on the desk and it landed on the track pad. Jen came out into the kitchen and I asked. She had no idea what I was talking about.

That’s when we figured it out together. I went in to the office and sure enough there is Patches, sitting on my backup track pad.

No, kitty. You cannot take over my computer. You can’t read.