Activity App Share

I haven’t been doing my daily walk in place exercising since I started taking Nana-Sitting shifts a couple of weeks ago. I can’t really do it in my parents’ house so I just sort of fell off the wagon.

Earlier today my step son shared his Activity App data with me. He said it was just in case we wanted to have a competition at some point.

Well well well! Well, welly well well well! Hi Hi Hi there, Mr Deltoid!*

I guess it’s time to start exercising again, right? I gotta hold my own against the 18 year old and his boundless energy and limbs that still function correctly. Huh… I might be in trouble here.

I’ve got 13 minutes in today. 17 to go.

*Yes, once again the movie quotes come courtesy of A Clockwork Orange. That movie was so bad ass when I was in high school. Now that I have a wife and a step daughter? I have no plans to ever watch it again. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Still, the quotes are kind of foundational to me, even if the violence is not.

Air Tag Test Drive

I completely missed everything from the last Apple event. There has been too much real life going on and not enough money to spend on gadgets anyway, so I didn’t go out of my way to find out the scoop.

My step son and my wife though, they are up to date. So much so that Harry’s four pack of Air Tags just arrived. It’s pretty cool. They are like Tile tags except they work within the iOS Find My app. You can make them beep and they can show up in the Find My map and they have a cool function where when you’re close it has a proximity thing that will put an arrow on your iPhone screen and point you in the right direction.

Pretty cool. I might get one for my keys and maybe one for my wallet. Granted, I don’t know if I’ve ever lost my keys or my wallet before but now that I have written the previous sentence it’s a guarantee that if I don’t get a pack of Air Tags I’m gonna lose everything.


The ghost of Steve Jobs says, “jump, fat boy!” and this fat boy asks how high.

GarageBand to the Rescue

Harry needed to record a piano piece for school. He was going to put his headphones up against his iPhone’s mic.

Oh no, my good sir. No.

I hooked him up to a two channel USB interface and got him up and running in GarageBand on his Mac.

He’s recording tracks like a pro* now.

*Okay, maybe not a pro. More like an avid amateur, like his step father.


The Good Old Days of AOL Instant Messenger

Remember the early days of internet fun? That magical stretch of time when online life graduated from bulletin boards to 14.4k modems and personal interactions? Before the World Wide Web and the information superhighway and Al Gore and all that?

Remember AOL instant messenger? Ah, the good old days.

I just relived that experience with Apple Tech Support.

They are sending me a box.
I will send them my AppleWatch in the box.
They will fix my AppleWatch (I think, or replace it?).
They will send my AppleWatch back in another box.

AppleWatch Charging Blues

For the last few days I’ve been noticing that sometimes when I put my AppleWatch onto a charger it won’t charge. It takes a few tries to get it connected right and then it disconnects on its own before it finishes charging.

Tonight it mostly won’t connect at all and in the rare instances that it does, it disconnects itself after a few seconds.


Apple Watch Problem

I took the latest AppleWatch update on Wednesday night. Was that a mistake?

Ever since then my watch has failed to send data to my iPhone. The Activity app, the SleepWatch app, even the full battery notification. Nuttin. Anyone else seeing this? I’m still getting notifications sent from the phone to the watch, it just appears that nothing is going the other way.

I am a sad Apple fanboy.

Air Pods Pro

I got a set of air pods pro for Christmas. I like them, but were they better than the original air pods? I couldn’t really say. I think the originals fit better, or at least were a little more comfortable. They feel more secure in my ear. Sound wise, they were about the same. If the seal on the pro’s isn’t good the sound is really toppy and a little tinny.

Last night though, it all changed. Last night I seriously bonded with the little suckers. I was sitting up in bed watching an episode of The Stand (I’m still a bit behind) and I literally couldn’t tell if I was hearing the audio through the air pods or not. It was so clear and perfect, I thought it was coming through an actual speaker. Nice. I had the noise canceling on, which was okay. The transparency thing is good too, but I was the only one awake. The spacial audio… well… as someone who used to be an audio engineer (at least in his head he was) I find the very concept offensive. Some kick ass audio engineer worked his or her ass off to place every sound within the stereo spectrum, and then here’s Apple saying if you turn your head the air pods change the perspective with you. Ummmm… no. I think I’ll go with the audio professional’s opinion of where the sound should be coming from.

Anyway, the point here is that I’ve finally had a break through moment with my air pods pro. For the first time, to my ears at least, they lived up to the hype. Nice!


I recently got myself a new iPhone. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, to be exact. I also bought a simple case and one of the new magnetic wallet things. I told myself I wasn’t going to get one of those, but when I found myself shopping on the Apple website I just went with it on impulse.

I don’t think I will use it all that often once the world is open again and we can go places. It’s just not terribly big. I can fit three credit card sized objects into it and that’s it. Under normal circumstances I am going to stick with my old wallet. At Disney World, or in some situation where I don’t want to have a lot of stuff on me, the magnetic thingamajig will be nice. For now, during the Covid-19 ridiculousness, I am using it. I guess just to get used to it.

Turns out that getting used to it is a problem. I was not aware that I did this, but every time I stand up from a sitting position, the first thing I do is unconsciously touch my right front pocket to see if my wallet is there. My right front is my normal home for wallet and keys, and over the past week every time I’ve stood up and checked I’ve had a split second of panic where I think oh shit where’s my wallet. Then I remember it’s stuck to the back of my phone.

It’s been a week and I still do it every single time. I’m guessing I will stop doing it about a day before my company opens up the buildings again and I have to start leaving the house every day.

Typical, right?