It’s Been a Few Weeks

Last week I failed to close my exercise ring on Saturday.

The week before last I failed to close my exercise ring on Wednesday.

This week we are back on track.

Next week will have a major surgery and an overnight hospital stay so… yeah. Don’t hold your breath.

Three days remain…. Oh the pain.

The Phantom Mouse Click

I am sitting at my desk in the bedroom watching yesterday’s That Pedal Show VCQ Live when I got a pop up on my screen saying my track pad was connected. Sure, I knew that already. I’m sittin’ here using it. Then a bunch of things popped up on my screen; The Vivaldi browser’s help window, and a download prompt, and then my YouTube window started scrolling.

I have a second wireless keyboard and track pad in Jen’s office for when I hang out at the second desk in there. I wonder if Jen put something down on the desk and it landed on the track pad. Jen came out into the kitchen and I asked. She had no idea what I was talking about.

That’s when we figured it out together. I went in to the office and sure enough there is Patches, sitting on my backup track pad.

No, kitty. You cannot take over my computer. You can’t read.


I knew it was supposed to be warm and raining today. Did we know it was supposed to be stormy? It’s like a hurricane out there. Our Poland Spring delivery is today so I put out our empty bottles. I have to believe that once the wind gets hold of them they are going to end up in Maine*. I’m glad I drove to work yesterday and not today. It’s nuts out there.

When I came home from work yesterday there was a new wireless Apple keyboard on my desk. Santa came early! The one I was using was old and well loved and whatever coating they put on the keys was long gone. This one actually feels knew under my fingers. Sweet. It also has a finger print scanner and that’s pretty cool too. Welcome to the 2020’s babie!

I’m hoping for a quiet day at work today. I doubt I’ll get it. One of our buildings has a power outage already. I think some of our Inhouse environments live in that building. It might be weird for a while. Hold on to your butts.

Happy Friday.

*I live in Massachusetts and the New Hampshire border is in the woods behind my house. I wrote Maine as an exaggeration. Had I said New Hampshire it would have been because it is a literal possibility.

Two Fun Monday Things

I just want to add a quick post to mention two things that just happened because they are funny and weird and worth mentioning on a pointless blog like this.

I’ve mentioned before that I like to listen to podcasts while I work. I play them through the Apple HomePod Minis in the bedroom. Today when I tried to connect to them via Airplay they weren’t available. I asked Siri to tell me the weather and it came back saying it wasn’t connected to the internet. Our HomePods are setup through Jen’s Home app so I told her and when she gets a chance she’ll look at it.

A few minutes later, I am sitting at my desk working and suddenly, seemingly at random, Deep Purple’s Space Truckin’ comes roaring out of the HomePods. Oh yeah, it does! Come on, let’s go space truckin’ babie!

I know why it happened, but it’s just really funny that it did. Once the song was over it started playing some horrid Aerosmith song and I couldn’t get that bastard shut off fast enough. The Purple song though, that was a treat.

A few minutes after that I decided to water the plants. Literally, that’s not a urination reference. I literally watered the plants. I have a candle burning on the same table the plants sit on. As I was watering one particular plant I smelled smoke. I then saw smoke. Huh? Oh, it’s just my arm. It was over the candle and my arm hairs were singeing off. That’s all. Nothing major. No damage done… except to a few arm hairs. I can still sort of smell it though.

All of this before 10:00am

Hey Siri

I need to share this before I forget about it. It is stupid and childish and it makes me smile.

I may have mentioned this on the blog a few hundred thousand times, but I am an Apple guy. iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook Pro, AirPods, AirPods Max, HomePod, HomePod Mini…. the whole kit.

I’ll give a little back story for those who aren’t fellow Apple people. Apple’s digital assistant is Siri. All devices that run Siri have multiple ways to activate it. Anything with a microphone has a voice command. You simply say, “Hey Siri” and it kicks off. It’s kinda fun to be in a room that is filled to the roof with Apple devices (like the room I am in as I type this) and say that voice command and watch all of them light up, though only one will respond.

Anyway, before work this morning I was sitting on the exercise bike trying to get about five minutes of work in. At one point I raised my AppleWatch to look at the Workout app to see how much longer I had to go. While I was looking at my watch I belched (excuse me) and the sound of the belch activated Siri.

That’s all. I told you it was stupid and childish, but Siri responds to burps. That pleased me to no end.

That’s it. Back to your regularly scheduled, belch-free day.

Find My

Yesterday afternoon I kept the Find My app up on my iPhone so I could keep an eye on Harry’s progress as he drove home from school. Today it’s Bellana’s turn. She’s not coming home though. She’s driving a roommate home to the deep south. The app might be up all day today and tomorrow. I have no doubt that she and the group she’s with will be safe and healthy. In these uncertain and crazy Covid variant Omicron days though, I am also nervous. Be careful out there folks.

It’s Friday at 8:40am. I have to punch into work soon. I don’t want to. Harry has a remote final exam today. After he finishes that I am just going to want to hang out with him. I’m really happy he’s here. I don’t want to do anything else besides just enjoy the fact that he’s here.

Eight days until christmas. I have one gift to wrap and one more on route. I am going to be ready this year with oceans of time to spare. On the subject of christmas I feel that I should note that I have done a better job making sure the tree is watered than I ever have in any real-tree-year ever. Look at me, patting myself on the back. HoHoHo, babie.

Happy Friday.

ADDENDUM: Find My tells me that Bellana is currently driving though Saratoga Springs, NY. That brings two thoughts to my mind. First, I wonder if they took the ferry across Lake Champlain. Second, one of the best Rush concerts I ever saw was on July 5, 2008 when Jen and I road tripped all the way to Saratoga Springs to see them at SPAC. I was only in the town for a very short time, but I thought it seemed like a wonderful place. Someday we’ll go back.

Rush 7-5-08 Saratoga Springs, NY 1002
Rush 7-5-08 Saratoga Springs, NY 416


So We we’re trying to put a Nest sensor into Harry’s room and we were waiting for it to connect. My iPhone was standing on a charger in my room. In a moment of boredom I opened the camera app on my Apple Watch and took some pics. One with the front lens and one with the back.

Two things. One, if you’ve ever wondered what my phone charger’s view looks like, here you go. Two, if ever thought I wasn’t the biggest nerd in the universe, now you know better.