I have just made a command decision for the family.

When we return from vacation I am going to gift cat, aka kitty, aka baby kitty, aka panic, aka panache, aka lady penolope clearwater, aka madam patchalotte of the rhode island patchalottes, aka patchie pants, aka patchiewatchiewoowoo, aka Patches a new litter box.

Her days of pooping in the current grody gross litter box are nearing an end.


Questions for the Universe

My wife and I were having an in depth conversation about a fascinating subject and we were left with two important questions:

  1. Do cats burp?
  2. Do cats fart?

There were two related questions along the same lines:

  1. Have you ever heard a cat burp?
  2. Have you ever heard a cat fart?

It is my belief that if our cat, Patches, does indeed fart it will likely be a very high pitched, dainty sounding fart.