Is Patches Sick?

I am in the waiting room at a veterinary hospital in Lawrence. Patches was breathing funny and making a weird noise as she prrred. She was also sort of hitching her back with each breath and she seemed to be walking a little funny.

Jen called a vet hospital and told them we were coming. I drove over with Patches in the cat carrier sitting on the front seat. It’s about 28 degrees Fahrenheit tonight. I wonder how long it’s been since Miss Kitty has felt cold like that.

I’m worried about her but I’m also pretty sure I’m overreacting. Not that I know what I’m talking about. She’s also 15 years old so she’s pretty elderly. I’m still convinced she’s going to live five more years at least, but I hate to see her struggling.

The staff took her away from me as soon as we came in the door. I’m sitting in a waiting room, hoping she’s being a good kitty for the docs.