I’m Exhausted

I’m so tired. Holy cow, is Robert tired. I mean, I am just completely out of gas.

The kids went over to their father’s house this afternoon and now I am sad. I’m pretty much as sad today as I was happy the last two days. Ugh. Also, I am exhausted and a little brain fried. Half my staff was out today and our biggest customer let us have it with both barrels. Well… that makes it sound like they were pissed at us. No, they just opened new tickets and escalated them all. Yippee. I think we’re leaving them in a good place tonight though so I am happy. I’m still super tired though.

I don’t feel good. Something I ate last night is disagreeing with me today. No clue what, but something. I’m also so tired that my eyes are super tired and now I’m getting a headache. Have I said yippee yet? Yippee.

13 minutes until I am clear to punch out for the day. I am going to make Jen dinner and then… pass out asleep? Maybe. We’ll see. I can tell how excited you are to see how this day ends up. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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