Jen and I went for a drive today. You wouldn’t think that was a huge deal but there it is. We drove to Danvers and back. In full pandemic mode, we didn’t go anywhere, we just drove there and drove back.

It was magnificent.

It made me a smidge late for my lunch but it was okay. I took a water bottle with me so I could keep sipping. Puréed tuna fish for lunch, puréed meatball for dinner.

It’s been a good day. Tuesday should be the day when I graduate to solid food. I’m good for now, but I’m feeling pretty ready to chew stuff again.


I just leaped over another hurdle. I had my first meeting with the Dietician. It was a Zoom call. We talked about how I eat and how much I eat and how I’ve made some changes already. So much more to do. She’s going to send me a meal plan. I really think that will help tremendously. I need someone to tell me what to eat because when I choose for myself I end up eating everything there is.

One thing she wants me to do now, because I will have to do it post-surgery so why not get used to it ahead of time, is no drinking while eating. I never even imagined that would be required. I also never imagined how ridiculously difficult it would be.

I am always drinking something. It used to be soda, now it’s water. The new rule is to stop drinking 15 minutes before eating, and then to not start again for 60 minutes after eating. That’s going to be tough for me, but I’ll figure it out. The timer on my Apple Watch gets used pretty much constantly already. Once I have to time when I can have a glass of water it’s going to be used so much it might catch fire.

I also have to start keeping a food journal. Oh Google Sheets, I’m coming for you!

Lunch Break

I failed to get out of bed early enough to go out for some car music today. It’s been a while. I need to keep on this. I want the re-recordings done before RPM starts on February 1st. Get on it, fat boy!

My hair is so long that it keeps covering my glasses. When I am wearing my sit-at-the-computer glasses and I have to look somewhere else, I try to look over the top of my glasses. I can’t do that today because there is 20 pounds of hair sitting there. I keep thinking my glasses are dirty because there’s smutz on them. The smutz, as you can probably guess, is actually my hair. If I don’t get my hair cut tomorrow I am going to lose my shit. At the same time, I really don’t want to get my hair cut tomorrow because I really don’t want Covid. Damn it!

Yesterday was Dr Martin Luther King, Jr day in the USA. Was it also a holiday in the UK? Why is the That Pedal Show live show happening today instead of yesterday?

I just did something I haven’t done in ages. Instead of chasing my lunch with some junk food, I had some fruit. I am sharing that information not because it’s interesting to you, my loyal and much loved readers, but because if I happen to look back at this a few days or weeks or years from now I want to know that on at least one day I did at least one thing right. I am encouraging/guilting my hypothetical future self.

My step son is taking a jazz piano course. Just a one credit thing. He had his first lesson today. He’s very excited. He said he popped a 9th on top of a Dominat 7 chord. Yes. Next stop, Chick Effin’ Corea babie!

Right, back to work.

I’m Exhausted

I’m so tired. Holy cow, is Robert tired. I mean, I am just completely out of gas.

The kids went over to their father’s house this afternoon and now I am sad. I’m pretty much as sad today as I was happy the last two days. Ugh. Also, I am exhausted and a little brain fried. Half my staff was out today and our biggest customer let us have it with both barrels. Well… that makes it sound like they were pissed at us. No, they just opened new tickets and escalated them all. Yippee. I think we’re leaving them in a good place tonight though so I am happy. I’m still super tired though.

I don’t feel good. Something I ate last night is disagreeing with me today. No clue what, but something. I’m also so tired that my eyes are super tired and now I’m getting a headache. Have I said yippee yet? Yippee.

13 minutes until I am clear to punch out for the day. I am going to make Jen dinner and then… pass out asleep? Maybe. We’ll see. I can tell how excited you are to see how this day ends up. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hello Stress

As mentioned in the previous post, as well as a couple from last week, we are trying Hello Fresh again. Are you familiar with it? Every week they send us recipes and all of the ingredients for a couple of meals. All we have to do is follow the instructions and boom, fancy dinner for two. It’s kind of like culinary paint by numbers.

Except it tends to be really stressful. We’ve tried it in the past, as well as their main competitor Blue Apron, and generally trying to get all of the prep for each step done in time would raise our blood pressure by about 10000%. This time we’re taking it easier. If step one is prep, step two is cook, and step three is “while that’s cooking, prep again” we just do the two prep steps first. It takes longer to finish, but it’s easier on the heart.


There is also the little issue with the smoke alarms. I think in the last six meals we’ve done, we’ve set off the smoke alarms in the house four times. Four. Times. It’s gotten to the point where I turn on the exhaust fan and open all of the windows before I do anything else. It didn’t help tonight though. Frying up the chicken cutlets in the pan on the stove sure enough set those bastard alarms off once again. At least we know they work, right?

Speaking of the frying pan, the oil the chicken fried in splashed all over the kitchen. I’ve mopped the floor three times in the last two hours. Hopefully we don’t slip and fall. I would feel like a right asshole if that happened.

Still, despite all of that… the dinners we’ve made have been really good. Jen was a little down on one, but the rest have gone over really well.

Here’s hoping the trend continues. I think Jen is happy to not be eating chicken breasts and quinoa every night. Whatever makes my love happy.

I’m Not a Vegetarian

On Thursday we had veggie burgers for dinner. Tonight we had a quinoa dish that Jen found that used tofu instead of meat.

Two out of the last three nights we’ve had a veggie dinner.

And I would have them both again. I’m not going vegetarian or anything, but every now and then I’m definitely open to dipping my toe into that pool.

You heard it here first.

Overtime Again

The Bruins held their 1-0 lead over the Islanders until late in the third when, wouldn’t you know it, the Isles tied the game. Now we are going into overtime yet again. Three overtime games in round one, and now two in round two. Too much stress, man. Too much playoff stress.

I brought dinner with me to my parents house tonight. I didn’t get to eat it until after 7:00. I also brought a bag of chips and I was going to eat that son of a bitch bag if it killed me. I did, but I didn’t finish it until 9:10… 10 minutes after my normal intermittent fasting start time. Oh well. Something tells me that I won’t be able to hold off from eating again until 1:10 tomorrow. Methinks that it’s going to be a fasting-fail day.

It’ll be worth it if the Bruins win. Also, they need to win quickly because the caffeine I was freebasing all day is starting to wear off and the red head is getting sleepy.

Addendum: The NBCSN team covering the Bruins game tonight keeps waxing nostalgic about Nassau County Colosseum. The building is closing after this season and they keep talking about it like it’s some hallowed hall. Has there ever been a time, even back in the Islanders four year Stanley Cup dynasty from 1980-83, when that building was considered to be anything but a shit hole? I always heard that it was so awful it made the old Boston Garden look luxurious. Am I wrong about that or is the team commentating the game just cupping the Islanders fans’ nut sacks?

Addendum #2: The Bruins just won. Marchand scores in the first overtime to put the Bruins back up 2 games to one in the series. Kick ass, dude!

Intermittent Fasting Fails

My intermittent fasting goal is 16 hours. 9pm to 1pm. Roughly. Sometimes I start early but I rarely finish early. I just go for a smidge longer than 16 hours. The goal though, is always 16 hours. If I fail to reach the goal it is because something came up. We had lunch plans with the kids, or someone was nice and made brunch. Stuff like that.

Yesterday I stopped an hour early. I didn’t have a reason. I was just hungry and really wanted some lunch. It was one of those times where I felt uncomfortably hungry. Not quite sick, just not right. Every time that happened previously I stuck it out and was proud of myself when I hit the goal and was clear to eat. Yesterday I more or less chose to fail.

It hasn’t happened yet today, but it’s going to happen again. I am going to eat breakfast this morning. I just hit the 12 hour mark a few seconds ago (8:45am) and I have decided to make some eggs. I am choosing to fail for the second day in a row.

I’m not sure if this is a trend or not. The more stress I feel right now the harder it is to stay on the plan, and I have been feeling the stress ramp up to hitherto unknown levels (hehe, he said hitherto like some smarty pants). I didn’t exercise this week either. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done that. It is effecting everything. I need to get back to marching in place for 30 minutes a day. That helps my appetite, my sleep, my energy levels, and sometimes even my back and leg pain levels. I think if I can get back to exercising a little each day I can get back into the intermittent fasting swing of things.

I’m sure I’ll let you all know all about it.