Bed Time Musings

I’m tired, but not that tired. You know?

I just scratched a little bug bite on my shoulder and it’s bleeding like an open tap now. Gimme a second to deal….

I grab one tissue from the box and four come out. Chaos! I guess it’s just one of those nights.

I’ve gotten consistently bad sleep over the last week or so. Last night I even turned in without putting on the CPAP mask. Jen woke me up an hour later with a yo, ‘sup? That wasn’t enough to cause the bad sleep that followed, but when all was said and done it probably didn’t help much.

Did I mention we got an unscheduled call from Bellana today? No reason, just saying hello. How cool is that? Both kids will be home for Thanksgiving break on Friday. I can’t flippin’ wait! harry is already planning out when we watch Shang Chi together. Bring it on!

Okay, I’m going to try to sleep now. I promise I won’t forget my O2 mask.

Good night, dear readers. Talk to ya’ll tomorrow.

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