Yesterday, while eating lunch, I bit my lip. It swelled up like you wouldn’t believe. It hurt like a bastard. It took all night for most of the swelling to go down. It was still sore this morning.

Wouldn’t you know it, I bit my lip again during lunch today. It was exactly the same spot. All the swelling is back. All the pain is back. Two pints of blood are gone. I’m feeling really lucky that I brought some paper towels with me today because I needed them to mop up the gore.

Stop doing that, asshole.

IKEA Can’t Defeat Us… Mostly

Yesterday was tough. We had one huge cabinet to put together and then hang on the wall. I was dead set against having us hang it ourselves because I knew the end result would look amateurish and Jen would be disappointed. When push came to shove though I said fuck it and we did it. Jen’s folks came over to help but something much more important came up and they had to go and take care of it. That left us flying solo and we got it done.

It took ALL DAY. We were up at 5:00am and we weren’t finished until after 7:00pm, but it’s done! We stood up to the IKEA challenge and we survived!


We have another big piece of furniture to work on today, and we are both seriously hurting after yesterday. My back and my legs are in really bad shape. Jen has a legitimate bad back, whereas mine is just me being fat, and she is in major pain. It hasn’t gone out on her though so we’re babying it as much as we can.

We’re going to start putting together today’s project. We may not finish it, but we’ll make a good dent.

Wish us luck in our battle against the Swedish* pre-fab menace.

*I couldn’t remember if IKEA was Swedish or Swiss so I Googled it. Apparently they are currently based in The Netherlands! Who knew? Bellana can go visit their headquarters!

Setting Myself Up for Misery

Well kids, September starts this weekend. You know what that means, right?

It means it’s time to start having my heart broken by the Red Sox.

They are 2.5 games up on Tampa Bay, in first place in the American League East. If it ended today, the Sox would be in the playoffs!

They keep coming back and winning games. Last night was another example. They were down 3-1 to the Orioles in the seventh inning. Two runs in the bottom of the seventh, one more in the bottom of the eighth, and chalk up yet another come back win for the Red Sox.

I can’t believe I am about to say this publicly, but John Lackey has been great. They don’t score any runs for him (is it personal?) but his pitching has been excellent. Lester seems like he might be back to his old (meaning not 2012, and not mid season 2013) form. He’s been dominant in his last few starts. Peavy has been all we hoped for and more. Good ol’ disabled-list-after-holding-his-child Clay? Well who the hell knows, but he is pitching a rehab start this week. If he comes back, and is close to the guy he was early in the season… well… that would be a pretty formidable starting rotation, would it not?

The offense is clicking. Napoli no longer strikes out every at bat, just most of them. Ortiz seems to be cooling off a bit. Everyone else looks ready to make a post season run. Things look really good here in Boston.

Of course… September starts this weekend.

September. The bane of the Red Sox fan’s existence.

Not all of us remember the 1978 collapse, but pretty much all of us remember the 2011 collapse. Those who don’t remember are either two years old, or boozed it clear out of their brain.

Just in time for the heart break… I have started to believe. They are going to screw me again, aren’t they.

Go Red Sox!!!