Grinds My Gears

What was I talking about?

I was about to write a post that rips off a Family Guy episode but Taylor Hall just scored a highlight reel goal in game three of the Bruins/Capitals series and it’s all I can think about right now. Ovetchkin scored a power play goal to put the Caps up 1-0 in the second period, and then the Bruins came right back and scored to tie it. The goal was fantastic, but the blind backhand pass that set it up was utterly spectacular. Was it Krejci? I didn’t see. I need another replay.

So what was I talking about? Oh yeah, wanna know what really grinds my gears? When I’m on and I go into the spam folder to clear it out and in the instant that I click to delete everything, a new spam message shows up and I am left with one unwanted message when I should have zero.

Yeah, that wouldn’t have been an interesting post even if it hadn’t been interrupted by an awesome goal. I think the blind backhand pass that setup the Hall goal came from Craig Smith.

Seven minutes left in the 2nd and the Caps are putting on some serious pressure. Lots of back and forth in this game though. It’s a good game right now.

Go Bruins.

The Spammers Found Me

I wrote something a couple of weeks ago about getting a whole bunch of followers on this page who all had the same profile picture. Spammers on… why?

I noticed the other day that all of those accounts had been removed from my followers list. Busted. Justice served.

Over the last two days I have gained a whole new crop of followers. They all have the same picture again. At least this batch has a different picture than the last batch.

I guess we’re back to the lawless frontier again. Yippee ki yay, pilgrim.

One Week to Go

So the Senate contributed to the end of our democracy yesterday through sheer political hypocrisy. Seven days until we vote a bunch of them out.

Seven days until we remove the fascist from the white house. One week to go.

Seven days until I stop getting avalanched with spam email from Democratic candidate campaigns, all asking me for money. I’ve had 27 of them today, not counting the ones that actually went straight to my spam folder. A month ago I decided I wouldn’t mark any of these as spam until after the election. I’ve held to that out of some misguided superstition… but I really, really wish I hadn’t made that decision. Give me a break!

Best Scam Robo Call EVER

Phone rings. The number on the caller ID is gibberish. Okay, I’ll bite. I could use a laugh.

“Hello, we are calling from the social security office. There has been suspicious activity on your account and we are going to suspend I.T.”

Huh? Suspend I.T.? Wait… did they mean “suspend it”?

Laughter ensues.