Detailed Spam

I have received a bunch of spam text messages today. They’ve been pretty good. One in particular was very good. Almost good enough for me to consider thinking about maybe possibly considering to think about responding. If I did respond it would have been with something along the lines of, “who the fuck are you?” but it wasn’t actually good enough to get me to respond. It was close, but not that close.

It seemed to be coming from something that may have been a property management person or company or whatever, and it asked me if I needed help managing the property at my parents address. Except it didn’t say “parents address.” It gave their address. Just the street, not the town. It had to have dug that up somewhere. I can’t quite figure out where.

The phishing attacks are definitely getting better and better with time, but this one was much more detailed than I’m used to seeing. It was pretty annoying.

Don’t fall for the spam, folks. In the immortal words of Mad Eye Moody, constant vigilance!

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