My Back Hurts and I’m Tired

Sleep, man. Am I right?

I went to bed at 10:30 last night and fell asleep quickly. Nice. I woke up at 2:30 with my back aching, completely unable to get comfortable, and I just couldn’t get back to sleep. It was after 3:30 before I could doze off again. When I woke up around 6:30 my back was still aching. Jerk.

I’m tired. The shirt I am wearing has huge holes in the arm pits because I have been flaking on the laundry. I had a vacation day yesterday and now I am all discombobulated and feeling like I’m working on a Sunday. Bummer, dude.

Yesterday when I left for Vermont I stopped at Dunks and ordered some Munchkins for the ride. Mmm, Munchkins. I also bought two diet sodas. Dunks carries Diet Coke. I prefer Diet Pepsi. I drank one of the Diet Cokes on the way up. When it was time to head back I stopped at a CVS and bought two bottles of Diet Pepsi. I drank one on the way back. Today when the work day started I had the two left over bottles in the fridge. One of each. I drank the Diet Pepsi first. A few minutes ago I opened up the Diet Code. Having one right after the other like that is kind of a revelation. What has it revealed? It has revealed that Diet Coke is pretty gross. Diet Pepsi is so much better.

Now you know the truth. Diet Pepsi is better: Confirmed.

You’re welcome.

I wish my back didn’t hurt.

I need a nap.

At least I got the laundry finished. That’s good.

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