A Weird Day So Far

My prediction of this being the slowest work day of the year hasn’t really come true, though there is still half a work day to get through. Lots of customer stuff has come in today. Nothing really involving my application directly, but we’re involved in a sort of tangential way. Lots of questions, lots of updates, lots of discussions. It’s enough to keep the perception of the day moving, and some of it has been a tad annoying, but these are good things compared to staring at the clock and watching it not move.

Two odd health-type things to note for future reference. First, my back hurts. Usually my back pain flares up when I’m moving around or being somewhat active (as active as my gargantuan fat-assed self gets at least) but today it’s pretty much constant. That’s annoying. The second thing is more sporadic, but equally annoying. I sort of feel like my left calf is constantly on the verge of a charlie horse. If I’m walking around and I put my left foot down in just the right way, bang – charlie horse. If I am standing in just the right way, bang – charlie horse. It only lasts a few seconds at most and then I correct whatever I did and it’s gone… but it’s always there. Stupid charlie horse.

As I mentioned in a post last night, I came up with a really simple musical idea to add to the November music thing, now that we’re down to less than a week and still miles away from finishing. Today I came up with another one. Now I just have to wait for my MacBook Pro to get home from that fact finding mission to Guyana. I’m sure everything there is fine and it will be home soon. I hope to spend some quality recording time this weekend.

Okay, folks. We’re half a work day away from a four day weekend. Let’s get to it and get through it and at around 5:30 tonight the sigh of relief you hear will be me.

Ouch, babie… Ouch

I was sitting at my desk at 8:30am, 30 minutes before I start work, and I thought: Robert, you are going to do 15 minutes of exercise by walking very briskly in place. Hells yeah, you are.

Five minutes later I stopped because my back was hurting like crazy. Hells yeah, it was.

The same thing happened yesterday while I Was trying to do a second round of 15 minutes to close the 30 minute exercise ring on my Apple Watch. I powered through that time, but I couldn’t today.

In the immortal words of Austin Danger Powers, ouch babie… ouch.

I need to keep an eye on this today. I don’t want to hurt myself, but there’s a bag of Hershey’s Kisses off to my left and karmically speaking I need to do the 30 minutes so I can eat those suckers. I do understand that this arrangement makes no actual physiological sense, but shut up and leave me alone.

Here’s to a back pain free day… as if.

My Back Hurts and I’m Tired

Sleep, man. Am I right?

I went to bed at 10:30 last night and fell asleep quickly. Nice. I woke up at 2:30 with my back aching, completely unable to get comfortable, and I just couldn’t get back to sleep. It was after 3:30 before I could doze off again. When I woke up around 6:30 my back was still aching. Jerk.

I’m tired. The shirt I am wearing has huge holes in the arm pits because I have been flaking on the laundry. I had a vacation day yesterday and now I am all discombobulated and feeling like I’m working on a Sunday. Bummer, dude.

Yesterday when I left for Vermont I stopped at Dunks and ordered some Munchkins for the ride. Mmm, Munchkins. I also bought two diet sodas. Dunks carries Diet Coke. I prefer Diet Pepsi. I drank one of the Diet Cokes on the way up. When it was time to head back I stopped at a CVS and bought two bottles of Diet Pepsi. I drank one on the way back. Today when the work day started I had the two left over bottles in the fridge. One of each. I drank the Diet Pepsi first. A few minutes ago I opened up the Diet Code. Having one right after the other like that is kind of a revelation. What has it revealed? It has revealed that Diet Coke is pretty gross. Diet Pepsi is so much better.

Now you know the truth. Diet Pepsi is better: Confirmed.

You’re welcome.

I wish my back didn’t hurt.

I need a nap.

At least I got the laundry finished. That’s good.

Definitely Asleep

I’m hearing the sweet, sweet sounds of snoring coming from my mother’s room. She’s asleep. I knew it was going to happen eventually, but now that it has… relief. My mother called my father at the hospital right when all of this shite was kicking off, a little before 9:00. We spoke a little. He had suggestions for things to do to try to help and I was already on them. We were definitely on the same page. He called back a few minutes ago. When I told him she was asleep he sounded as relieved as I felt. I hope he’s able to get some sleep now too.

Vegas is up 5-2 now. Five minutes left in the third. When this game ends, however it ends, it will leave Toronto and Montreal as the only first round series left. I can’t really root for both of those teams to lose, can I?

I’m really tired but I’m a little afraid to go to bed. I’m not sure what to do after this game ends (Vegas just scored into an empty net to make it 6-2. I have the sound off and this is literally the first non-Bruins game I’ve watched this season. Apparently whoever scored that empty net goal completed a hat trick. It’s raining hats in Vegas). I still have the last 15 minutes of today’s That Pedal Show to get through, but that will require headphones and that scares me a little. Maybe I’ll risk it.

Things are looking good right now but my fingers are still totally crossed.

Things May Be Calming Down

My mother is still awake, but I think things are calming down. The crying and praying has stopped, I think. She is still standing up in the bedroom with the light and the TV on, but she seems to be managing. She actually just went out to the kitchen for a snack. That was a surprise.

I had been watching That Pedal Show on my laptop while the Red Sox were on the TV with the sound all the way down. They went into a rain delay just after the problems started. I have game seven of the Minnesota/Vegas first round series on the tube now. I’m afraid to finish the youtube show. I feel like the minute I put my AirPods back in something bad will happen. I don’t want to jinx anything,

Vegas is up 3-2 in the 2nd. I think I picked Vegas, didn’t I? Speaking of picks, The Bruins second round series against the Islanders starts tomorrow even though the Toronto vs Montreal first round series is still going. Our game one is tomorrow, their game six is tomorrow too. I won’t do a second round prediction post until after all of the matchups are finalized but I’ll be sure to post something about my picks for the 2nd round series that start before the 1st round is 100% over. You can probably bet that I will pick Boston to win their series. You’d win that bet.

Vegas just scored again. It’s 4-2 now.

My mother is lying down. The lights and the TV are still on but I can poke my head around the corner and see her. Fingers crossed she falls asleep. She’s earned it tonight. I should have seen this coming. It’s raining out and she doesn’t do well with whatever the air pressure does when it rains. The forecast is calling for rain all weekend. Shit.

Either a truck just bounced off a pothole (which is very possible on my parents’ street where the construction crews have left it looking like London during The Blitz [not really, that’s a huge exaggeration, but the road is a mess]) or I just heard some thunder. Oh yippee. That’s all we need.

Hang in there, Mom.

Surprise: Bad Night

My mother and I were hanging out, chatting about her family when she was a kid. Everything was fine until BAM! Out of the blue her back pain spiked like crazy. She’s spend the last 35 minutes in terrible pain. She’s up to date on her meds, but we just need to hang in there until they kick in. There is nothing else I can do now. I feel completely helpless.


You’d think that after 40 days of exercising 30 minutes a day my back wouldn’t scream in agony after dragging three trash barrels out to the street.

You’d think, but alas you would be in error.



Oh praise be to whatever gods control Spring yard work, our lawn mower started and ran without issue! (well… it took a while to get rolling, but once it did, aces!)

Our streak of Springtimes with dead lawnmowers may have ended at two! So far at least. I only did 2/3 of the front yard and there is still oodles of time left for this bad ass mother fucker to die, but so far so good!

Oh yeah, also MY BACK HURTS SO MUCH!

Holy Shiznits!

This post will cross post onto twitter and my step son is now following me on twitter… so I need to cut down on the swearing. I need to try to stop saying shit, you know? Oh…. whoops.

So twice in less than a week we have been given the wintry gift* of a snow fall that piled up over a foot deep. I shoveled the first storm on Thursday night in about an hour. It was deep but very light. It was also super cold and superer windy.

Tonight, after work, I went outside to shovel storm #2 which finished early this morning. The second time… well, there was more of it… it is significantly heavier… it’s not as cold, but it’s almost as windy and the wind chill is downright oppressive.

I had to stop part way through to give my back a rest. I just took 1231246 extra strength Tylenols** so hopefully I will have some degree of movement when I go back out in a couple of minutes.

I think I read today that it’s 48 days until Major League Baseball’s opening day. It can’t get here fast enough.

*When I say “gift” what I really mean is “kick in the balls”.

**When I say 1231246 I really mean three. I’m 6’5″ tall and way (REDACTED) pounds. I once had a doctor tell me that it was safe for me to go a tad above the average over the counter medication’s recommended dose. I usually don’t, but when my back hurts like this I will hold that doctor’s statement in front of me like a shield, and I will also wield it like a sword.