Holy Shiznits!

This post will cross post onto twitter and my step son is now following me on twitter… so I need to cut down on the swearing. I need to try to stop saying shit, you know? Oh…. whoops.

So twice in less than a week we have been given the wintry gift* of a snow fall that piled up over a foot deep. I shoveled the first storm on Thursday night in about an hour. It was deep but very light. It was also super cold and superer windy.

Tonight, after work, I went outside to shovel storm #2 which finished early this morning. The second time… well, there was more of it… it is significantly heavier… it’s not as cold, but it’s almost as windy and the wind chill is downright oppressive.

I had to stop part way through to give my back a rest. I just took 1231246 extra strength Tylenols** so hopefully I will have some degree of movement when I go back out in a couple of minutes.

I think I read today that it’s 48 days until Major League Baseball’s opening day. It can’t get here fast enough.

*When I say “gift” what I really mean is “kick in the balls”.

**When I say 1231246 I really mean three. I’m 6’5″ tall and way (REDACTED) pounds. I once had a doctor tell me that it was safe for me to go a tad above the average over the counter medication’s recommended dose. I usually don’t, but when my back hurts like this I will hold that doctor’s statement in front of me like a shield, and I will also wield it like a sword.

Winter Officially Returns

It was cold and rainy last night. Then suddenly it was cold and icy. This morning the winter wonderland fun continues. The yard is completely covered in snow as the snow continues to fall lightly.

This is punishment for me having said something about Spring finally arriving. As if mother nature (that bitch) would ever do something nice for me.

2015: The Year Winter Never Ended

Something About Lions

Today is March 30, 2015.  I pulled into a parking spot at work at about 8:45.  As I stepped out of the car it started to snow (I don’t thinks those two events are actually related, it was just coincidence that they happened at the same time).

Remember that old saying about weather in March?  In like a lion, out like a lamb?

Not this year.

This year it’s in like a lion, out like a slightly warmer lion.

Spring is never going to really come again, is it.  Never.  At least The Walking Dead season ended last night.  I might be able to get a good night sleep on Sundays for a while.  Then again, there is that spin off show starting in the summer.  What happens if they put that on Sunday nights too?  Uh oh.

Same Old Same Old

if you live in Methurn, Massachusetts and you look out the window right now you won’t see much.  The snow is falling so hard that visibility is just about nil.

Why is it snowing like a blizzard on March 15th?

Because Mother Nature is evil and friggin’ hates me.

My Problem with Snow Plows

I’m not bitching here. I appreciate the work that they do, really, but you can see my beef, right?  I didn’t just shovel seven feet of snow off of my driveway.  I also shoveled it off about six feet worth of road too.  Yes they plowed the road, but they never even came close to plowing all of it, and it was like this from the first snowfall on.

I’m really not complaining.  We were able to get out of the house thanks to them.  I will always tip my hat to the plow drivers.  It’s just… Damn it.

So Far So Good… Still

Got out of bed a little while ago and checked the window. Nice and dry. It’s been 24 hours since anyone witnessed a drip. That’s very good. Unfortunately we’re in line to get another small snow storm. They are saying 3-5 inches, which given this month is little more than a flurry. Hell, it’s practically a summer day! That being said, it still adds weight and moisture to the roof. Two things we don’t want. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to get a little warmer and we might get rain. That’s concerning. While the warm and rain will wash away what’s left of the snow, and hopefully some of the ice dam, it won’t get it all. The amount of weight and water up there will increase quite a bit. I’m not quite ready to call this a win yet. Let’s see how things look on Monday.

Fingers Crossed for Continued Good Luck

It’s 10:42pm. There hasn’t been a drop of water through our picture window since about 9:00am. Not being a carpenter, I don’t know if it’s due to the cold outside or the lack of snow on the roof (thanks to the two guys who shoveled) or some other factor. I really don’t care. I’m just thankful as all hell that the leak has stopped at least for now.

Fingers crossed for continued good luck.