Yesterday, with the help of a neighbor who is a hero, I cleaned off the driveway. I also dug a path to the trash barrels on the side of the house and cleared a path from the street to the fire hydrant. I didn’t clean off the cars. Today I cleaned off the cars.

I hate snow and there was a lot of it. I guess that means there was a lot to hate.

In lieu of flowers, send money to the Red Cross and any Ukrainian charities you can think of.

Thank You, Neighbor

I went out to shovel. Mr Fat Ass got as far as a path down to the snow bank at the end of the driveway. I was huffing and puffing like a steam engine on it’s last legs and I was thinking maybe I should go in and recover for a bit before having the heart attack that we all know is in my future.

Just then one of my neighbors, who was pushing his snow blower down the street, waves hello and starts in on the huge snow bank. I don’t know the guy’s name. I am not even sure which house he lives in. He has my thanks though. Sincerely. I feel like the dude might have saved me from a really bad night.

I made sure I kept digging and hopefully made it clear that we were in it together, or something like that. He blew away most of the snow bank and a big swath of driveway behind the cars.

Thank you, Sir. Thank you very much.

Is Santa Close By?

It’s snow and we have a ton of deer in the yard. Santa must be around here somewhere.

Our deer friends look cold and snowy and I’m guessing they are feeling pretty miserable right now.

Also, we haven’t gotten much more since my last snow pic post. Hopefully it’s as deep as it is going to get now. Fingers crossed.

Absent Minded Doof

Two things.

First. On Wednesday the dietician told me to wait an hour after eating before having anything to drink. Three hours later I am sitting at my desk having lunch and the minute I was done eating I was guzzling a water bottle. I was still gulping water when I realized what I was doing. Like… dude… she just told me! Yeah, that one is going to take some getting used to. I managed to do it right all day yesterday, but come on. The first day!

Second. I’ve been using the CPAP machine every night since, what… early 2019? Years. Literally years, plural. Like… multiple years! Every night! The only exceptions being nights where I was sleeping in a room that the CPAP machine wasn’t in. I can probably count them on one hand. Last night at 11:00ish, I put down my iPad and curled up in bed and went to sleep. I woke up an hour and a half later and thought that it was weird to wake up that quickly. I woke up again at a little before 3:00am and realized I never put the damn CPAP machine on. It was sitting on the table next to the bed looking all lonely and dejected and ignored. Years! I’ve been doing it for years and I just plain forgot last night. I even woke up without it on and it didn’t register! What the hell, Robert? Years!

In other news, February is continuing its theme of being a dick. I think we’re up to three instances where a super warm day was followed a day or two later by a legitimate snow storm. It was in the mid 60’s on Wednesday and today, two days later, we’re getting a foot of snow. Nice. Way to be a dick, February.

In other news that is actually important to the future of human civilization, I am sad to realize how little I know about Ukraine. They were a Soviet Republic and an American fascist tried to use them to rig the 2020 election and got off scot free because the United States government is broken and getting close to the point where it’s not worth saving anymore. I thought they were to the South of Russia but when I looked at a map I realized everything I thought I knew about Ukraine was probably actually about Georgia. Wikipedia just confirmed that. I thought Eduard Shevardnadze was the first post-Soviet president of Ukraine, but he was president of Georgia. Shit.

I keep reading stories about heroic stands by the Ukrainian army. They took back a city, they took back the airport in Kyiv. Things like that. Every time I read something good I try to find reports to back it up and I always find one report confirming and one report confirming the opposite. In the age of instant knowledge, I really hate not knowing what’s going on.

I have a huge confirmation bias regarding this war. It’s Russia. The superpower that stood against us for all of those years. The only nation that could match our massive military machine. How can Ukraine fight them off? It’s impossible, right? Then I try to convince myself otherwise. The Soviet Union I was so afraid of is gone. Sure, Russia retains most of that might, but Ukraine was a Soviet state too. They were part of that military. Who knows, maybe they were a bigger part of it than I realize. I’m wrong about everything else so why not that too? Then I read that the US government expects that Ukraine will fall within days. Damn it. Sometimes, not often, I hate being right.

Why is it Still Snowing?

That sound you heard off in the distance at about 8:15am Eastern Standard Time was me screaming in frustration. Why is it still snowing? Why?

Saturday night into Sunday morning we got some snow. An inch or so of the really light fluffy stuff. Not enough to cause problems, but enough to cock up my car music plans. I shoveled the driveway and brushed off the car on the outside (we’re still locked down so we haven’t needed both cars for quite a while and that leads to snow removal laziness) and moved on with my life.

The snow kept falling, but it didn’t stick, and while the air was well below freezing, the pavement was able to warm up enough to melt what little snow I missed.

And the snow kept falling. Round about sunset the snow started sticking again. Just barely. When we woke up today there was about an inch or so of the really light fluffy stuff. Not enough to cause problems, but enough to cock up my car music plans. I shoved the driveway and brushed off both cars this time and moved on with my life.

The sky is brightening up. The sun is trying to break through the clouds.

It is still snowing just a little bit.

Snow Ruins Everything

I got my fat ass out of bed early this morning so that I could do some singing in the car for RPM and it’s effin’ snowing out. Not a lot, a couple of inches of fluffy crap, but it’s ruined my morning plans. I could still go out do something, but every parking lot in the city is going to have plows all over it. I can’t have a magical, perfect, pristine vocal take ruined by the sound of a plow in the background. Gross. Now that I think of it though, magical, perfect, and pristine never happen so maybe the sound of a plow in the background will be in improvement. No. Even I’m not that desperate.

Looks like the plan for today is to write more lyrics, write more melodies, add more guitar parts where needed, and maybe try to start a new song or two.

On a different note, Jen and I watched the first two episodes of Only Murders in the Building on Hulu and I think I might be a little bit hooked. I must admit there was a tiny bit of culture shock watching two of the Three Amigos be less than cordial to each other. Also there was a bit of culture shock hearing the kid from Wizards of Waverley Place dropping f-bombs. I mean, talk about being out of touch, right?

Back to the weather, we may still go out today. We might possibly brave the snow to do a curbside pickup at a store (gasp in Covid horror). I think I might be ready to start working up the courage to go into stores and businesses again. I have to do it for work and I have to do it for doctors appointments. Any time I start feeling Covid-confident, which is almost never, my mind wanders over to the band. We had a chat going last night and we know it will be a month and a half before we can start thinking about getting together (one band member has major work commitments right now) so maybe… Maybe sometime in March we’ll play again? I should buy a new amp and a new guitar to celebrate.

Okay, Robert. Get to work on that RPM thing. Get some stuff done, you lazy asshole!