This is what the freshly fallen snow from last night looks like when it’s 47 degrees out.

Our rain gutter has the tiniest of holes… this is the result. I should seal it with chewing gum, MacGyver style.

Mother Nature Hates Me

I just don’t get it.  Why does Mother Nature hate me so much?

I only telecommute one day each week, and I need the time between Jen and Harry leaving for work and school and me needing to punch into work to work on vocal tracks for RPM.  I seriously bank on that time to get through a lot of what I need to get done.  It’s really important.

Last week was the first Thursday in February and it snowed.  Harry had a snow day.  No singing on mic for me.  Today is the second Thursday in February and guess what… it snowed again.  We didn’t get a whole lot but it was enough for him to get a two hour delay.

What the actual….

It’s Mother Nature screwing with me, isn’t it.  This is all about me.  Two Thursdays, two snow storms.  I hate snow!  I really need my Thursday mornings, damn it.  Knock it off!

At least today I was able to get a little recording in during lunch.  Two more songs done, both of which had been started earlier in the week.  I’ve got that going for me at least.


I’m Pretty Smart, I think

I’m pretty smart… I think.  At least I always thought I was.  My grades in school were always good.  In college I blew a curve on a test in Calculus II, and I got an A- for the semester in Calculus III.  I’m not saying I’m some kind of rocket scientist or anything.  Don’t expect me to do anything Earth shattering like building the better mouse trap, okay?  I’m not dumb though.  I have a decent brain and it usually gets the job done.

Taking that as truth… why the hell do I still live in a place where it snows?  I mean… I thought I would be smart enough to know better.  My wife, now she’s super smart.  She’s gotta be the smartest person any of us have ever met and yet she still lives here too.  My step kids?  Smarter still!  If anyone is going to build that better mouse trap it’s absolutely going to be one of them.  Yet… the four of us all still live in a place where it snows.

I just think that maybe after all this time we would have done something to fix this little snow falling problem.  Something like… move to Southern California.  You know, something like that.

King Shovel

My foot is better than it was a couple of days ago but it still hurts like the end of the world. My elbow still hurts too.

It snowed last night. Not a lot, but enough. There I was, looking at the snow, feeling the white hot agony roaring out of my foot… and there are four buried cars.

The worst part? My comrade in arms, my partner in crime, my red shovel with the curved handle is dead. My new friend, the yellow shovel with the not-quite-as-curved handle, would make its driveway premier.

How’d we do?

I figured I’d take it in shifts. Shovel a little, limp a little, wash rinse repeat. In the end it only took two shifts, including the fire hydrant.

How’d the shovel do?

The red shovel is dead, long live the yellow shovel.

Snow Practice

So remember a couple of months ago when my band, El Pez Lagarto (the Lizardfish), played at my high school reunion?  Well the organizers of that little shindig, while putting the plans together, created a Facebook group and added every member of our class they could find to it.

Also, remember a couple of days ago when I posted a flyer that Kevin the drummer made to advertise our 2/1/20 show onto this page?  Kevin often makes flyers like that for our shows, but in this case the manager of the venue actually asked for one.

Well those two worlds just collided.  Mike just posted the flyer into the high school reunion Facebook group.  To quote the guy from Quantum Leap: Oh boy.

We’re practicing tonight.  We’re also supposed to get a mini-blizzard tonight.  I’m thinking I’ll take the less-expensive guitar with me.  What do you guys think?*


*Don’t answer.  I don’t actually care what anyone thinks.  It’s just a figure of speech.


On a totally unrelated note, did you know that Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage is on Netflix?  I didn’t know before, but I do know… because I just watched it.  It’s still my all time favorite rock music documentary.  It’s even better than the best rock mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap.  You could even say that the movie is so epic that by the time it ends it is being influenced by itself at the beginning.

Pissed Off Red Head

This is an “I’m a pissed off red head” post and it has nothing to do with Donald “Fascist Piece of Shit” Trump.

It’s March 31st.  We have a gig tomorrow, April 1st.

We’re at the start of a weather forecast that’s calling for something along the lines of 13-20 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning I have to make the drive to Concord for one of the kids’ school events.  It’s a 40 minute drive without traffic.  I expect the drive to actually run around 3-4 hours.  Then I have to get home in time to load out of our rehearsal space and load into the bar and set up and soundcheck and oh my god my head is going to explode at the thought of how horrendously shitty tomorrow is going to be.

Mother nature is almost as big a piece of shit as Donald “Nazi Pile of Pig Filth” Trump.


Snatch Monkey

Two members of my band, me and Mike the bass player, were once in a band called Stormbringer. Fitting that we now play in a band that has a gig on a day when we are going to get a Spring Nor’easter.

April 1st… snow… figures. It’s not going to be so bad here, or in Plaistow where we’ll be playing, but we have to go see my step daughter in a chorus concert during the afternoon and that’s happening up around the foot of snow zone.


To cheer us all up, let’s all watch this video that compiles all of the utterances of the words Harry and Potter from the eight Harry Potter movies.