Saturday Stuff

I’m going to have to work soon. I’m just waiting for word.

Jen and I just finished getting caught up on Ted Lasso. We were going to wait for the season to end and then binge it all but it’s really too good to hold off.

I’m outside right now. I just lit the grill so I can make us lunch. Turkey burgers. I think I mentioned that in a recent post, didn’t I?

I suddenly find myself feeling rather low. I don’t know why. Is it because I don’t want to work today? Is it because I slept like shit last night? Is the propane tank attached to the grill leaking?

I don’t know. Just feeling blue, that’s all. What can you do, right? Wanna make something of it or something?

Jen is inside waiting for lunch. I might need a hug when I go back inside. I don’t know.


It’s 10:37am. Did you miss me? I usually have a morning hello post hours earlier than this.

What kept me?

Pills. Yeah, man.

No, seriously. I just filled my parents’ pill caddies for the week. There was a lot of back and forth with my brother and sister. There are pharmacy changes coming in the near future and it’s affecting how we go about filling prescriptions and two of my mother’s 10000000 scripts need to be refilled this week because there aren’t enough pills to get us through to next week. Their primary care physician (who is also my primary care physician) is on the case though. All is well.

The bathroom is the other issue today. Not in an accident way, just in a there-is-only-one-in-the-house way. It seems like every time someone needs to go really bad there is someone already in there. I’ve been toilet blocked twice today, and I toilet blocked someone else once. It’s minor chaos.

My mother just shuffled into the room and asked me if I was her son and did she actually give birth to me.

I want to go home so badly I cannot put it into words. I am so tired of neglecting my family in favor of my family, you know? I was afraid to text Harry last night but Jen let me know that he was texting her, so I snuck in a couple. It’s only been one day and I miss him so much, and missing him makes me miss Bellana even more, and missing them both makes me so upset that I am here and not with Jen because I know she feels the same way, and it’s just crushing me so much I can’t even punctuate a sentence properly and I keep writing these endless run on things that when I go back to read these at some hypothetical point in the future are going to piss me off and now I am just doing it just because I am pissed off and I want my future self to also be pissed off at my grammar shenanigans and this is stupid and I am so miserable right now I can’t deal.

I think I am going to go upstairs and try to take apart a twin bed. No reason.


Two Days

Harry just left. He went to his father’s. Monday and Tuesday are dad days. Wednesday and Thursday are mom days. We won’t see him again until Wednesday. I am parent sitting on Tuesday night and through the work day Wednesday so even if he comes over early I still won’t see him until after dinner.

There are a lot of things in life right now that I am not happy with. This is just the icing on top of the suck cake.

92 minutes left in the work day. Insert the sound of a frustrated sign here.

I Need to Play

I need to play guitar tonight. I’m starting to go crazy again and I need to play to fix my brain a little.

Harry goes back to his dad’s today and comes back on Wednesday and Thursday. Then over the weekend Bellana comes home and stays with dad for the weekend. It’s his birthday next week so they are celebrating over the weekend. Then on Monday and Tuesday she will come here while Harry stays at Dad’s. I am hoping we can steal him for a little while but I doubt it.

Then on Wednesday Bellana goes back to Burlington. I go back to work for two days and Harry comes back to our house for two days. Then on Friday we move Harry into school in Burlington and that’s it for us having kids in the house.

Less than two weeks away from the empty nest. If you were wondering where today’s flavor of misery comes from, that’s it right there.

The Never Ending Flood Story

There was a little bit of water on the cellar floor when I went to bed last night. We were in the midst of our first four consecutive rain-free days since April and it seemed like things might be on the mend down stairs.

Then it poured over night last night. Again. There was more water in the cellar this morning, though still not the worst it’s been. Clean up complete. Wet vac and dehumidifier emptied yet again, though unlike the last few times it is currently raining in Methuen, Massachusetts, though it’s just a drizzle.

Just add it to the growing list of things that are pissing me off these days.

I feel like a fucking yo-yo. I was optimistic three days ago, absolutely crushed two days ago, a little sort of bordering on optimistic yesterday, and just miserable again today.

Who would have imagined that I would look back over the recent past and see something other than 2020 as the low point of human existence. I am actually feeling a little nostalgic for the high point of the global pandemic that locked down the civilized world and killed millions of humans. Not really, but in a self centered way? Yeah, a little.


Nana Sitting Again

Nana sitting once again. Jen and Harry are at home and I’m not. Harry had his first official day at his new job today. He had some remote orientation sessions last week, but he was on the premises today. He said it went well. He said there was air conditioning. Good thing. My Tuesday was stressful when it probably shouldn’t have been. I need to calm down but there is so much piling on right now that I don’t know how.

Tomorrow is July 1st which marks the day we have to start going back into the office. Not full time, we’re still mostly telecommuters, but it needs to be about an average of once per week. I worked out 4-5 days that will fit into my Nana Sitting schedule as well as our planned overnight trip to visit Bellana. We’ll see if I get pulled into anything that requires in-person attendance that will screw with my plans. Fingers crossed, I certainly hope not.

The Red Sox had a rain delay tonight but they should be starting soon. Game two of the Stanley Cup Finals is tonight. May Montreal suffer a humiliating loss at the hands of Tampa Bay. Distract me from my misery, please.

I am so sad that I’m not at home having Marvel Burgers for Dinner Night with Harry and Jen. Watching Loki, eating burgers and fries. Being together.

I hate this.


Bellana is all moved in. Her dad is bringing a few things up next weekend, but for now she’s there and most of her stuff is there and her roommates are there and everything is good. She has a new apartment, now she needs to transform it into a home.

Jen and I left Burlington around 4:00pm, maybe more like 5:00? I’m not sure. We chose to take the scenic route home which somehow led us to NH route 9 which is so winding that I’m sure we drove in a spiral at least twice, and it’s so badly lit (just some reflectors on one side and some reflective yellow paint) that I’m positive we were underground for at least 15 of the 40 miles.

We are home now. We are exhausted, proud, excited to see what comes next, but still a smidge sad.

Congratulations, Bellana.

Now it’s time to shift our focus to Harry who is graduating from high school in less than two weeks. I’m so proud I might pop like an over-proud balloon!


We are packing up the cars for the move tomorrow. I am happy for her and sad as fuck for me and Jen. The happy definitely outweighs the sad though and I am choosing to ignore the sad until Wednesday at the earliest.

May the Fourth

It’s May the Fourth. The day that people celebrate Star Wars because of a coincidence of pronunciation.

Disney+ released the first episode of a new animated show today. I was going to watch it before work but it’s 75 minutes long. A 75 minute Star Wars cartoon episode after the first few episodes of WandaVision didn’t even run for half an hour? I’ll get to it but not today.

After work tonight I have a Nana Sitting night. Tomorrow I have an appointment to visit my father in the hospital. Yes, you read that correctly. An appointment. Thanks, Covid-19.

I haven’t done any music since Sunday. It’s only two days, but I wanted to be more up on it than this. I’ll get it done this time.

Unless I am mistaken, 3/4 of the members of The Lizardfish have had their second vaccination shot. With all the other shit going on, do I have time to play with the band if they are ready to start playing again? Just another thing to be miserable about, I guess.

May the Fourth Be With You.

Quick Random Thoughts

I don’t know what’s up today, but I am just not feeling all that together. It’s like I’m on the edge of being pissed off all the time, but I’m just too bummed out to put in the effort being mad requires. I don’t know.

I think it’s just one of those days where your democratic society is falling apart and half of the country is applauding the on coming dictatorship as if it’s actually a good thing and there is nothing you can do about it and you can’t even emigrate to someplace where the democratic society isn’t crumbling before your very eyes because if it’s happening here it’s clearly going to happen everywhere and fuck all that.

I played some guitar. It helped a little while I was doing it, but once I was done the feeling of existential dread came right back. We watched the new Pixar movie, Soul, and it was really good but the overall theme is one of existential dread so it kinda just compounded whatever crappy feeling I’m crappily feeling right now. Crap.

It’s 6:37 PM and I still have to do 27 minutes of exercise to hit my activity app goal. I don’t want to do it. I’m feeling too low. Then again, if I don’t do it I’ll feel worse.

Fuck those fucking nazis who are imploding my country. Fuck trump and his cult of toadies.


At least I have a triple batch of Tewksbury Tweets to binge eat while society comes unglued.