Don’t Do it Again

The last time I was in the office I sat at the same desk I’m sitting at right now. When I left for the day I forgot my laptop charger and had to drive back in the next day to get it.

Robert… moron… whatever you do… don’t forget the damn charger again, m’kay? Forgetting your laptop charger is bad.

On a mostly unrelated note, all of this extra working from the office stuff has thrown my personal, internal calendar into complete chaos. I have been 100% convinced all day today that today is Friday. Guess what. It’s not Friday. Not even close. Tomorrow is Friday. It’s just plain old Thursday.

I was hoping this weekend could be a total downtime weekend. I don’t think that’s possible. I want to finish hanging the blinds and curtains and make the last couple of changes to the bed room setup. I also want to put together the tent/shed thing we bought for the back yard. Unfortunately it’s going to rain all weekend so that’s out. I have four songs that need to be finished by the end of the weekend, so there will be music in the car and at home. I still have to finish writing two of those four songs. Way to wait for the last minute, Robert. Dope. Next month’s music plan is a full 10 song album in a month deal using my new King of Tone overdrive pedal which I haven’t even plugged in yet. Dope.

It’s looking more and more like I will be able to work from home for the second half of the day. Fingers are still very much crossed. My stomach started acting up about half an hour ago but it was just one of those, hey dope you are hungry stomach aches. I ate a snack and now I am fine. I won’t get home until well after 2:00pm so I am not sure what to do about eating lunch. I’m hoping for some chicken and maybe some french fries, but I don’t want to ruin dinner. It’s crazy how reliant I have become on being able to cook lunch and dinner at decent, routine times, and how shuffling those times even a little bit messes me up.

I am hoping I’ll be leaving the office at about 1:45. Fingers intensely crossed. I wanna go home. Just don’t forget your charger, you dope.

Third of Three

Today is my third consecutive day in the office. I’m prepared to be here through the full work day, but I am optimistic I’ll get to head home at lunch time. Keep those fingers crossed!

My commute was complete with gas station pictures and stop light theater.

Stop light theater, 2023

Work is Done: Time to Go To Work

The work day is wrapping up. I guess it’s time to go to work.

Because numb nutz over here forgot his laptop charger in the office yesterday and has to drive the 40 miles to the office to go get it. Or to hopefully go get it. It’s possible someone could have taken it off the desk I used yesterday. Here’s hoping it’s still there.

Numb nutz.

In the Office

I took Monday and Tuesday off so that I could be around for the window crew. We were told it would take two days. When they asked to come back for a third day I thought it was going to screw up my work schedule. Today is an in-the-office day so I would be messing things up if I had to stay home. Jen and I worked it out so that I could be there for the morning and then be in the office in the afternoon. I was planning to come in one additional day just to keep the karmic scales balanced.

Fortunately, they showed up early enough today that I could discuss what needed to be discussed, get the house ready for them to start work, and still get onto the road in time to make it to the office by 9:00. Whew! Jen is working from home today, so hopefully they won’t be too loud. Also, the cats are out of Bellana’s room so hopefully they don’t torture the window crew too badly with their cuteness and their insistence on playing at all times. Well… playing when they aren’t sleeping that is.

I was not able to finish my exercise, or watch The Mandalorian, or get much liquid in, or have any real breakfast. I had a protein bar and a protein snack in the car on the way here, and I just got cleared to start drinking, but I am way behind my goal right now. At least I won’t have to come in a second time this week.


Long Day

Today has been a long day. Not sure why, it’s just felt stressful.

Tomorrow is going to be rough too. Tomorrow is in the office and, as I mentioned in a post the other day, I want to do a lot of Disney+ TV watching before I head out. I want to have everything packed up and ready, including my lunch, tonight so that I can save time in the morning. I am such a nerd.

Food has been okay today. I had a little stuck stomach feeling while taking my pre-lunch time calcium citrate pills. It cleared after about 10 minutes, but it was uncomfortable. Breakfast and lunch themselves both went off without a hitch. After having three issue-free meals on Sunday, I had two bad experiences on Monday. Lunch was a smidge on the bad side so I just stopped eating before I was finished. I had already eaten all of the protein I had planned so it was okay. Dinner was bad, but it mostly came down to me overcooking the chicken. It was too tough to chew enough and I just got tired. Then I ate a few chunks of potato and I think the skins weren’t breaking down enough and got stuck. We’re having fish and some green veggies tonight. I am sure things will go better. If so, I could have another three good meals day. That would be nice.

I am hoping to mix a song or two tonight in between packing for work tomorrow sessions. I would like to be done with REM (Record Every Month) for March before I sleep tonight. We’ll see how it goes.

Speaking of dinner tonight, we’re giving Hello Fresh another try. We’ve used it a few times before and it’s always been a good experience. The hang up we have is planning meals, ordering the meals, putting the shipment into the fridge and freezer, and then when it comes time to cook we change our mind and do something else. We want to get away from that and stick to the schedule. If we can do that then Hello Fresh is a great option. It’s so much better than me cooking the same thing every night, or ordering out all the time. I foresee success. Just with the added caveat that I have to avoid sugar, so anything we order that has sugar in it, I will have to take a pass on. We can still cook it, and Jen can have it. I’ll just skip that item on the menu. Let’s keep this house a No Dumping Syndrome zone, shall we?

Okay. Time to finish off the work day. The only question I have for the universe is when does Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania come to Disney+? I am not happy about the existence of a Marvel movie that I haven’t seen.


I made it to work this morning with virtually no traffic. One douche canoe cut me off and I had to hit my breaks. Another douche nozzle tried to stop at the top of an on-ramp and then pull into traffic four feet in front of me without speeding up first. Other than those two schmucks the drive in was event free.

The post-storm sky was interesting though.


Office Day

Wednesday is weigh in day, but it’s also drive in to the office day now. I’ll write up a weigh in post later, but for now I have to get settled in at my temporary desk before my 10:00am meeting.


I’m Freezing

I am working in the office today. That’s going to be a regular Wednesday thing going forward. For now at least. It’s 47 degrees out, which on February 8th is an absolutely glorious heatwave. I wish I was outside in the back yard filling up the bird feeders and taking pictures in the woods.

Nope, I’m at the office instead. Not that I would have been away from my desk at home, but you know what I mean. It’s a symbolic thing, dig?

The main point of this post is not to bemoan working in the office, but rather to bemoan the fact that I AM FREEZING MY ASS OFF while working in the office. No one else has complained about the temperature, so it’s probably just a side effect of losing 200 pounds worth of insulation which has left me feeling as though I am on the verge of frostbite 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and somehow that just seems to be exacerbated by being away from home. If I were at home I’d have a fleece jacket on and maybe, though probably not today, a space heater.

Instead we’re in a conference room 40 miles away from home and I am feeling so cold I am almost shivering.

Also, I want to play my damn guitar. Why haven’t I played my guitar in like 2-3 months? What is wrong with me??