Catching Up on Hearing Highlights

I’ve spent the last half hour or so reading news reports from last night’s January 6th Committee hearing. I don’t think we learned much of anything new. Trump ignored it. Pence, while his life was being threatened, tried to get help to the Capitol. It was brutal. It was like a war zone. It was all based on an idiotic set of lies.

I guess what we did learn included that scumbag Bill Bar did not resign to spend more time with his family like he said. I guess lying just comes naturally to these assholes. Maybe they are allergic to the truth? He resigned because the election fraud claims were bullshit (his word) and he wanted no part in it. So instead of being honorable and patriotic, he lied and said he wanted to spend more time with his family. Thanks, dick.

Trump’s daughter/love interest said she did not agree with the claims that the election was stolen. Your daddy is going to be so mad at you. Another key figure who passed on the chance to be honorable and patriotic and do the right thing for the country. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far, yadda yadda.

Liz Cheney would make a good Republican candidate for president in 2024. Well, she would if the Republican party were still an actual thing rather than the nazi murder cult it has become. As it stands now she’d likely be one of the first in front of the firing squad rather than a potentially strong leader. She also doesn’t have a penis, so even a rational non-nazi cult Republican party would pass on her.

We’ll have to see what comes up at the next public hearing to see if we’ve learned anything useful.

January 6th Hearings

I should have watched the January 6th hearings in the house tonight. I owe it to my country.

Still, I don’t really feel like I have a country anymore. I have no faith that the nazis who tried to overthrow the 2020 election will face even the tiniest of consequences. They are going to get away with treason and get off Scott free.

Why watch the hearings and get my hopes up. Why not just move to Ireland?

Thankfully Europe is Big

I spent my lunch hour reading up on the situation in Ukraine. Once again it’s really hard to tell which reports are real and which reports are propaganda or misinformation. It sounds like “Russian warship, go fuck yourself” is real. I don’t think the ghost of Kyiv is real though. Despite how much I want it to be real.

I was a good student in Junior High and High School Geography classes. The map of Europe looked massively different back then, but even if it didn’t I never saw a map that was drawn to scale so distances are all hypothetical, know what I mean?

There’s a war going on in Eastern Europe. Bellana is in Western Europe. She’s not anywhere close to the conflict, is she? How far is it from The Netherlands to the Ukraine?

Google Maps. I searched for a route from her school to Kyiv. It’s a 21 hour drive. I wasn’t nervous about it at all, and yet I am still feeling a serious sense of relief. Irrational, yes, but when is anything to do with war rational?

Western Europe needs to keep my step daughter safe. Good work so far. Keep it up.


I haven’t had much chance to keep an eye on what’s going on in Ukraine today. It’s almost all bad news. Russia hit them from three directions and attacked a handful of major cities. As usual, it’s impossible to tell what is real information and what is propaganda from one side or the other.

I know the West put some serious economic sanctions on Russia and apparently their markets have had a seriously bad day. I know there have been major anti war protests in Russia even though I believe it’s illegal. How much of that is real and how much is misdirection? I don’t know. I saw a few headlines about Ukrainian forces driving Russian forces out of a couple of towns. I really like the sound of that but at the same time, that reeks of propaganda.

This is literally my worst fears of my early teens coming to life in front of us. Russia invading their neighbors. Granted back then Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union so now Russia is just trying to get back to the good old days? Didn’t Putin used to work for the KGB? Or was it GRU? something like that.

I like to think of myself as a pacifist. I don’t know if I qualify, or if maybe I have too much of a temper. Who knows. I am against war in general and the last thing I would want is to see us pulled into something that gets my fellow Americans hurt. Having said that though… have we considered inviting Ukraine to join NATO today? That’s what this is about, right? One of Putin’s demands was that NATO agree to never offer membership to Ukraine? What would happen if the entire might of the Western world showed up in Ukraine tomorrow? I actually know the answer to that question. The answer would probably be Russian nukes.

Fucking Russia.

Ban Me, Please

So we know that Donny the nazi cheeto started a social media thing that’s just a twitter clone because the big mean old twitter people banned him for inciting violence like the evil, treasonous, nazi piece of shit that he is. They took his binkie away so he started his next failed business to get back at them.

I have read a couple of things saying that the new site is so riddled with bugs that it’s effectively useless. Is that true? I also heard that the waiting list to have your account creation approved is gigantic so even if you want to join donny’s nazi crusade you can’t.

Now I hear that NPR reviewed the terms of service and found out that users are prohibited from disparaging the site’s backers. In other words, if you say bad things about snowflake cheeto donnie the nazi, you’ll get banned from the site.

Never before have I wanted to get banned from a social media app more than I do right now. I want very much to sign up for that idiotic site and just blast that nazi piece of shit over and over and over and over again until they ban me. That would be some serious social media satisfaction right there.

More January 6th Thoughts

I haven’t read Biden’s speech from earlier today yet. I have read some headlines and a couple of news articles and it sounds like he’s saying the right things. I can’t help thinking that it’s just lip service though. The repbulican party doesn’t exist anymore. It’s just the maga cult now. Liz Cheney isn’t going to change everyone in the party’s mind on all of this bullshit on her own. She’s just one voice being drown out by lies and greed and corruption and fascism. The Democrats look weak. One Senator is holding up the entire Biden agenda and it’s fucking farcical at this point. We are a joke.

At this point is there really anything left that’s worth saving? How about all of the vaccinated folks just move to Australia or something. It’s summer there, let’s get some sun. Let the fascists have their little flat earth, anti science, fascist wasteland for a few months before Covid puts an end to it. Let them eat themselves. Figuratively, and probably literally too.

I am so tired of this.

January 6th

One year ago today a fascist cult tried to overthrow a lawful election and install an accused sex criminal who openly lusts after his own daughter as dictator. The attack on the US Capital was an attack on Democracy itself.

Here we are a full year later and a smattering of terrorists have been arrested and given what amounts to slaps on the wrist, while the architects of the insurgency are still not only free, but in many cases holding positions of power in the US government.

The Attorney General and the Congress are both holding investigations, but neither has gotten anywhere, and the terrorists involved openly scoff at the government’s investigative powers. Nothing has been done to stop this insult to my country from happening again.

The leader of the cult, the fascist accused sex criminal who openly lusts after his own daughter, will likely run for President again in 2024 and he will likely lose and make a second attempt at installing himself as dictator and erasing the American Experiment from the Earth. There is a mid term election next year as well, and those who are trying to investigate the insurrection may very well be removed from power by the fascists due to their inability to protect Democracy.

It feels like it’s a matter of time before the fascists rise to power again and the country I was born in ceases to exists.

Happy Anniversary, America.