Nine Minutes

I am nine minutes away from a four day weekend. Jen just told me she put in for Monday off too, so we’ll have an extra day together to do stuff! I think we should go leaf peeping, or lighthouse chasing, or stay home and watch Andor… twice.

We finished Cobra Kai’s new season last night. Why is that show good? It should be idiotic, but it’s good! Why? How?

My back is killing me and I am feeling weirdly full. I had breakfast a little late and had to break for lunch a little early and the two combined to make my stomach feel completely full five hours later. I am optimistic that come the time I finish preparing dinner I will be hungry again. It’s possible though that I just need a good fart and I’ll be fine. Welcome to the dream factory, kids!

My back is hurting today. I am sitting in a new office chair. I don’t know if the two things are related or not, especially because I have done 60 minutes of exercise today after doing more than 60 minutes yesterday. I even jogged in place a little this morning instead of just walking. Those things might relate to my back being sore, but it might be the chair too. I need more data to say for sure.

One minute to go…

…and it’s 5:30 and I am officially on a four day weekend!



I am officially on vacation. One full week. It’s a staycation but it doesn’t matter. I am off for a whole week for the first time since February 2020 and I a so very ready for it.

Now that I am on vacation I think I might take a nap.


The Long Weekend Awaits

Today is going to be rough. Mostly because I convinced myself that yesterday was Friday when it was only Wednesday.

I put up a post yesterday listing off all of the things that were going well at that moment and wondering what was coming along to spoil the vibe. Nothing did. I was worrying about work, but it stayed quiet and all was well. Only my brain trying to skip over today was less than happy.

Today’s a little different. Nothing bad going on, just not quite as 100% positive as yesterday. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. I know I got a lot more than the 4.5 hours my watch registered, but still not a lot. I think I was a little under six hours. Okay, but not great. I woke up with a bit of an upset stomach. I feel a lot better now, but it is sort of like getting off on the wrong foot.

Now there is just a single 8.5 hour work day standing between me and a long weekend. New Years Day is a holiday for us and since it falls on Saturday this year we “celebrate” it on Friday, which means we get New Years Eve off. I love it when the calendar works out that way. It’s like a nice little bonus. The downside is that our holiday schedule is changing as of 1/1/22 and we don’t have another holiday until Memorial Day in May. Yikes! We have floating holidays now in place of the non-national holidays we used to have, so we don’t lose any time off. We just don’t automatically get the non-national days off anymore.

Okay so in summation, yesterday started as a good day and stayed that way all day. Today hasn’t been quite as good but it’s already starting to look up.

Oh, and both kids are here. So it’s going to be a good day no matter what.

55 minutes until I have to punch in to work.
Nine hours and 55 minutes until the long weekend.

Hang in there, boys and girls. We can get through this day together.

The Annual “Slowest Work Day of the Year” Post

Hello there, and welcome to the 2021 edition of the “The Day Before Thanksgiving is the Slowest Moving Work Day of the Year” post!

As (I think) I alluded to in a post yesterday, the four day Thanksgiving weekend is my favorite weekend of the year. Better than Christmas, better than New Year, better than all of them. Memorial Day falls super close to my wedding anniversary so that holiday is really a close second, but Thanksgiving? That’s the tits, bro. Christmas sucks the big one next to Thanksgiving.

As a result, the anticipation of the four day weekend makes the last day at work feel like it lasts 800 hours instead of just eight. It’s a slooooow day, dig? This year is subtly worse than most. My company is changing it’s holiday/personal time off process and replacing the day after Thanksgiving with a floating holiday. I will still be able to put in for the day off, but I might not actually get it.

Whatever, that’s irrelevant to today’s discussion. For now we just have to worry about how the eight hour work day is going to feel like 8000 hours. At least the kids will be here tonight. That helps straighten out any distorted reality.

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving, everyone. May your work day be quiet and free of surprise issues.