Zombie Double Feature

Why did I watch two zombie movies today? I don’t know. I’m staying at my parent’s house for a couple of days and I’ve had some time to spend with ye olde streaming services.

First choice was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and I don’t know why. No idea. It was really stupid and I am never getting that hour and a half of my life back again.

Second choice was The Girl With All the Gifts. I read the book a while ago. The movie was very faithful and very good. The kids were creepy AF, but any zombie movie with kid zombies is going to be creepy AF.

Now I have to decide what to watch next. It probably won’t be until tomorrow, but there will be time. Tarantino movies? Marvel movies? Star Wars movies?

On an unrelated note, Taylor Hall had two goals with Buffalo this season. In three games with the Bruins he has… two goals. Now we’re talking, Taylor.

Fans in the Stands

The Boston Bruins are coming out of their week or so long Covid-19 shut down tonight. They are playing the Islanders at the Garden and for the first time since last March there will be fans in the stands. Not a lot of them, in terms of the building’s capacity, but some.

This was actually supposed to be the second game with fans in the stands but the first one was postponed when the team was shut down due to their little Covid-19 outbreak. I’m just going to leave this sentence right there and give you a second to allow the irony to sink in.

All set? Okay, ignoring the irony for a moment, I was thinking about this earlier today and I started to wonder how the team would handle possible outbreaks in the stands. I envisioned a message displaying on the jumbotron at regular intervals saying something like:

If within the next week or so you should develop Covid-19 symptoms and receive a positive result on a Covid-19 test, please call the Bruins at 617-555-IRONY and let us know so that we can commence with contact tracing for your fellow ticketholders.

You know, something simple like that.

On a completely unrelated note, we had a meeting today with all of the groups under our Senior Manager. We did a little team building exercise that required everyone to log into the same website. Sort of like a Jackbox thing without the possibility of NSFW content cropping up. The site gave each participant a randomly generated user name. What was my randomly generated user name, you ask?


I’m pretty sure that when I someday punch my ticket and see my whole life flash before my eyes, being referred to anonymously as EpicGiraffe is probably going to end up being the high water mark for all things.

He Said the Quiet Part Out Loud

The NHL fired a referee. After calling a penalty on a play that probably didn’t deserve it, he was caught on a mic saying that he wanted to give that team a penalty.

He wanted to give a make up call for whatever reason. Everyone who has ever watched hockey knows that refs occasionally give make up calls when one team is getting whistled more than the other. It’s a thing that everyone knows happens, but referees never talk about. This guy was fired for saying the quiet part out loud.

Do I agree with the firing? Hell yes. The league is correct when it says that it needs to protect the integrity of the game and all that.

Do I think the league is being completely hypocritical? Hell yes. If the integrity of the game is this important, why haven’t they investigated the seemingly infinite number of calls that were clearly make up calls over the course of the last 100 years or so? He wasn’t fired for his actions, he was fired for talking about the obvious thing while standing too close to an open microphone.

The refs have a union, don’t they? I’m curious to hear what they have to say about this.

Two Bruins Loses? Inconceivable!

I’ve been so wrapped up in music this week that I didn’t notice until just now that the Bruins were blown out in each of their last two games. Worse, they were both against New York teams. Inconceivable*!

They lost to the Rangers 6-2 on Friday, and the day before they lost to the Islanders 7-2. How could this happen? Two bad loses against two New York teams?

They play the Rangers again tomorrow at noon. Let’s hope they put a stop to these shenanigans toot sweet!

*You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means


I’ve been so out of touch with humanity the last week that I missed that the Bruins had two games postponed due to Covid-19. Saturday and Monday vs Buffalo are both postponed. I did the absolute minimum of research possible this morning and found that the blame lies with New Jersey. The Devils and the Sabers played a game this week while the Devils had positive cases. I don’t know the background. Did they know and play anyway? I hope not. That game lead to a couple of Buffalo players catching the coronavirus so they have a week’s worth of games pushed off. That means that after tonight’s game, the Bruins are off until Wednesday the 10th. Good for them to have a little extra rest. Bad for me who needs hockey, Bruins hockey.

Crazy Friday

I’m 94 minutes away from a long weekend. There is talk of watching Hot Fuzz tonight. I need this work day to end now. It’s been wacky from the word go. Uncle! That’s me crying uncle for the day. Enough. Here, I’ll do it again, Uncle!

I have a research project to do this weekend. There is talk of a Roomba. Do I want to open the door to the oncoming robot apocalypse in order to keep my floors clean? The answer is probably yes, but it’s expensive.

This is also our last weekend with Bellana before she goes back to school. We must make it a good one, Roomba not withstanding.

WandaVision is out. The list of Marvel Cinematic Universe things I have not seen is now up to one movie and two TV episodes. WandaVision will be covered this weekend. Thor II… someday.

The Boston Bruins are 1-0 on the season. A perfect 56-0 is literally in our grasp. No it isn’t, but statement like this after one game are pretty obligatory.

Trump is still impeached, again. Trump’s term ends in five day.

88 minutes until the weekend. I need a vacation. I need a Covid-19-free vacation.

In Other News

Now that the impeachment vote is done and we have to wait six days for the senate to do… anything and the cheeto’s term ends in seven days anyway, it’s time to briefly think about something else.

The Bruins open up in New Jersey tonight. A 56 game, soon to be covid riddled season. I know at least one team had to be shut down already. Dallas I think? Forgive me for having other stuff on my mind the last week or so.

Last I heard, Marchand is back from surgery, although there was something at one of the last practices that might keep him out, Pasternak is still out and I don’t know when he’ll be back, and Bergeron is now the captain… duh.

Game time is 7:00. The playoff bubble is gone but there are no non-division games to cut down on travel (though… does it?) and there are still no fans in the stands, though some states say it’s okay so there might be some, which is friggin idiotic.

Go Bruins.

Hockey is Back

It’s opening day for the NHL. It’s going to be a super screwy season again, assuming COVID lets us get through the whole thing, but it’s nice to have it back.

The Bruins start tomorrow. I’m ready.