Day Off Tomorrow

I’m off work tomorrow. I don’t have anything planned, I just needed to take a day off to get my accrued PTO below a certain number to stop the accrual from maxing out. It’s a long story.

I booked it a few weeks ago without knowing that it would end up being a bad day to be out. I might stealthily pop in and make sure everything is okay. Maybe.

What else should I do? Car music in the morning is a given. Mixing a tune or two is also pretty much guaranteed. What else? There aren’t any tv shows that I’m not caught up on. At least I don’t think there are… are there?

I might play some hockey on the PS4. Maybe find a first person shooter with lots of cheat codes? Something like that?

Who knows. Maybe I’ll just rewatch Loki or season two of The Mandalorian.

The nerdy possibilities are endless.

Marvel Night

After a full day of working from my mother’s house, I am so stoked for Marvel night with Jen and Harry. Harry and I will get home at close to the same time and once we both get in and get settled it’s time…

Burgers and Fries and muthatruckin’ Loki episode five.

Why is the clock moving so slowly? I needs me some family Loki time!

All Signed Up

I signed up for this year’s 50/90 today. We’ll see how long it takes before I burn out on it. Initial plans are to swap out the Vox amp for one of the Fenders and to keep using the same 3-4 pedals I’ve been using over the last few months. I will start the first day (Sunday the 4th) at my parents’ house. I won’t have much to do outside of Nana Sitting duties so maybe I can get a good jump on things. I have a Trello board setup, but we only get five freebies now so I will probably delete it when I’m done. Whatever. I used to have a Tumblr account that I used for daily check ins on recording projects. I might do that again too. Anything to manufacture some phony BS motivation.

I am up to date on Loki now. Episode four was totally worth the wait. I will be up to date on The Bad Batch in about six minutes when the episode I am watching right now ends. Disney+, I am keeping up with your mad pace.

What else is going on? Right now? Not much. It’s Friday and this weekend is a three day weekend. Glorious. Quitting time is in about nine hours. I can make it that far. Just hold on, fat boy. You can make it that far.

Spoiler Free: So Far

Due to Nana sitting coverage last night we were not able to do our weekly Burgers and Marvel night. We have burgers and fries for dinner while watching whatever the newest episode of the current Marvel TV show on Disney+ is. Right now it’s Loki and this week is episode four out of six.

We will remedy the oversight tonight when I get home from Nana sitting and then shortly afterward Harry gets home from his totally kick ass new job (I am literally jealous).

That is all going according to the revised plan, but the revised plan leaves us open to a huge negative (apart from the given negative of me being away from home for 24 hours). What am I talking about?


I still have a couple of hours to go before we watch the new episode so I might be speaking too soon, but as of right now, 5:13pm on Thursday July 1, 2021, I have not had a single spec of the episode spoiled. How did I do this? I stayed away from Tweeter, and I mostly stayed away from BookFayce. I say mostly because lunch time included some surfing around various guitar playing BookFayce groups. One guy posted that he was pissed at the universe because he bought a $150 USB 2.0 cable to use with a USB audio interface, then upgraded to a new USB interface which has the nerve to run on USB C. Really. He was ignoring the massive performance improvement because he spent $150 on a cable that is probably the most obvious example of planned obsolesces in the entire tech industry. Damn… priorities, dude.

Anyway, I have not been spoiled, though now I expect the guy who was looking for sympathy about his obsolete $150 cable that likely had the same performance metrics as a $5.00 cable you could get at any Best Buy will come flying out of the woodwork to fire a cannonade of spoilers right into my idiot face.

Whatever. The theme of this post used to be Loki but now I think it’s run on sentences. Right?

13 minutes to go until I can punch out of work.

Lunch Break

It’s the tail end of my lunch break. What’s going on in the world?

What the hell is the deal with Apple’s podcast player? Both on iOS and iPadOS? I’ve been using them both for years but over the last few weeks they’ve become useless. I’ve found myself using Stitcher out of frustration. The app is garbage these days. I’m almost afraid to try it on the MacOS, though it’s pretty much always been garbage there.

At this moment, the third podcast I have queued up is a hockey podcast talking about game one of the Stanley Cup Final from last night. I only watched the first period and I fell asleep before the third period started. The final score was Tampa Bay 5, Montreal 1. That’s what I am talking about, hockey fans! I hate Tampa Bay but anything is better than Montreal. Tampa Bay, keep up the good work. Let’s win this one in four. Pretty please?

Work has been weird today, and I am not talking about my idiotic forgetting of my badge this morning. Not sure if it’s something in the air or what, but lots of weirdness going on. Nothing we can’t handle, just… odd.

I finally made myself an eye appointment. I’ll be visiting my local Lens Crafters this weekend. I think I am 100% on board with a dedicated computer glasses. I think that will make my work day a little less blurry.

I am a bad person. I have to nana sit tomorrow, which means I need to go over there around 6:30 or so. Harry has a new job and he won’t be getting home until after 7:00. That means we can’t watch the new episode of Loki on the day it’s released. At least we can’t watch it together. Maybe we could do one of those… what do they call them… viewing parties? Or we can just wait until Thursday. Or Harry and Jen can watch it without me. I don’t want that, but I would rather the two of them be happy than anything else. I feel like I am breaking my own heart every third day. I just feel awful.

It’s 95 degrees out right now. As bad as that is, it’s better than 110, or whatever it is over in the Northwest. The air conditioner is keeping up here. May it continue it’s good, heroic work.

Okay, it’s 2:00. Back to work, red head.

Long Day

Didn’t I write something not long about about not writing about work anymore?

Work has been crazy for the last few days and today is no different. Lighten up, universe. So much stuff going on. All reasonable and handleable (is that a word?) but damn, gimme a break!

It’s Loki night. Harry is coming over and we’re going to have hamburgers for dinner and watch the new episode. I haven’t a clue what’s going on in the story but I’m totally into it and can’t wait for work to end so that we can all watch it together. It’s only going to be six episodes and tonight is episode three. Marvel didn’t prepare us for this. We wanted TV series and we’re really just getting movies spread out over a month or so. Okay… I’ll take it.

I really need to get my eyes checked. I don’t know if there will be time this weekend, but I have to do it soon. Jen got a pair of glasses just for use with a computer. I think that’s a good idea. I wanted to get a pair of reading glasses to go along with my progressives. Computer glasses is pretty much the same idea. I want to be able to use the whole lens when I know I’ll be doing up close viewing. I want sunglasses too, but that’s asking too much.

I really want to have a band practice.

Okay. Lunch break is over. Back to work, red head.

I am Bad at Predictions

More proof that I ain’t no prophet, right?

In the last post I wished everyone an easy Friday at work. Within 10 minutes of punching in this morning I got hit by a metaphorical bus known as one of our biggest customers. Everything is under control now, but yikes, eh?

Why does Apple’s podcast app suck so bad? Specifically on iPadOS. It keeps crashing and losing it’s place and what the hell, bro? I already listened to that Loki Episode 2 podcast, I don’t want to listen to it again, and I was halfway through this other Loki Episode 2 podcast so why are you starting from the beginning again? Also, where the hell are the new episodes of podcasts I subscribe to? They aren’t all a day late, are they? Come on, Apple. You want to lose to some crap fest like Stitcher? Or, heaven forbid, Spotify? Crud, babie. Crud. Get your podcast catching ass in gear, okay?

So, Loki… are they going to pull a fast one on us and have the TVA end up as the bad guys? If you think that’s a spoiler, read the title of this post again. No spoilers here, unless we’re talking about Fear the Walking Dead. I’ll spoil the shit out of that dumpster fire (no I won’t). Those of us who are still watching deserve it. Masochism, babie. Masochism.

I need to play guitar this weekend. I need to cut the grass, but I need to play guitar. Do you get where I’m coming from? While I need to watch the new Rick and Morty episode this weekend, I need to play guitar. Yeah, you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

Okay then. Back to work, fat boy. Back to work.


It’s early but I’m all bundled up in bed. I’m just exhausted. I need shit around me to calm down so I can stop feeling like I’m failing everyone who needs me and stuff.

I was really tired this afternoon but I was somehow able to stop drinking caffeinated beverages at 3:00. That’s always the goal on work days but I’ve been failing for the last week or so. Here’s hoping it leads to better sleep tonight.

We watched Loki. I haven’t a clue as to what’s going on, but I’m a lot more into it now than I was the other two Disney+ Marvel shows after two episodes. Here’s hoping that’s a good sign for the next four weeks.

Other than that I’m kinda feeling blank and empty tonight. I don’t know what I’m doing or anything. I’m just sitting up in bed mentally flaking. Maybe that’s a good thing right now. Maybe.