Harry Potter Blues

So have you read the script for the new Harry Potter play? I bought a copy on the day it was released, but I hadn’t read more than the first two scenes. Wednesday was the first day my step kids were at our house since the release and my step son had already finished it. He asked me, begged me, pleaded with me (I exaggerate some) to finish it so that we could discuss it.

I actually have a lot of work to do this weekend, but… my step son needed me. I dove into the script and read about 80% of it. Sadly, reading on an iPad does wonderfully awful things to my eyes and I am seeing double now and have lost the ability to see anything at all. My eyes are literally too tired to function.

I still have 20% of the text to get through. My step son needs me! He needs me to know the whole story! I can’t let him down! Harry Potter needs to be completed before the sun comes up!

The Pits

Want to know what the worst part of working from home while one of the kids is home sick?

He’s in the living room watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix right now.  I’m next door in the dining room starting my lunch break.

I really want to go into the living room and watch the movie with him.  Not being able to is just the pits.