Random Lunchtime Stuff

Some random thoughts as my lunch break winds down…

I read a great article from Guitar World yesterday called 20 Ways to Improve Your Les Paul. The need to have my 1978 Les Paul Custom repaired/upgraded is never very far from my mind, but I don’t have the money to spend on it and I am nervous about trying to sell another guitar to pay for it because what if I am overwhelmed with sellers remorse? Worse, what if I sell it for a lot of money and then find out I didn’t sell it for nearly enough. Oh, the stress! Anyway, the article made me want to get on with it, even though most of the things it suggests are things I wouldn’t do. Fifties wiring and PAF clones are about all I have in mind. That and frets… yikes!

Speaking of Les Pauls, I haven’t played my new Les Paul, or any guitar for that matter, in weeks. I am starting to go through withdrawals again, and I have zero calluses left on my left hand. I am soft and smooth and in for a lot of pain and unpleasantness when I do start playing again. Crap.

Speaking of Les Pauls again, I just finished listening to The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway in its entirety in one sitting for the second time in a week. I don’t know for sure that Steve Hackett played all of his leads on a Les Paul, but it seems that way. There’s clearly a Stratocaster on the next Genesis album, but The Lamb and the three records he played on prior to that all sound like Les Pauls to me. I think he played through Hiwatt amps back then, but I don’t know that for sure. When I saw him in 2019 he was standing in front of a Marshall and a single 4×12 cabinet (he was also not playing a Gibson Les Paul at that show, but a Fernandez Les Paul copy. I think it’s the same (or similar) model I saw Robert Fripp play that same month). I wonder if it was a real Plexi, or even cooler, and old JTM45. Oh, to go back in time with a pile of cash.

I need to go grocery shopping tonight, and I want to get an oil change for the Mazda, which is about to be Bellana’s Mazda. I want the car to be all up to date with everything when we “sell” it to her. I also want to go back to the store that sold me the jacket yesterday and get them to take off the damn security tag. I am pretty ticked off about that. I hope to see my parents this weekend if possible, but it really doesn’t seem like I am going to have the time. There are too many things going on right now, only some of which are related to the imminent xmas. I am hoping I can throw the wife and step kids into the car at some point over the weekend so we can all go out and look at xmas lights. I want that to include a visit to Boston too, but I know it won’t. I wonder if New Years Eve in the city is a possibility? The last time we did that it was followed a couple of months later by a global pandemic, so maybe it’s bad luck? Who knows.

Okay, lunch is over. Time to go be productive for a couple of hours before calling it a work week. HoHoHo, Merry weekend.

Cleaning Day

My scrambled eggs seriously angered my stomach this morning. It’s been an hour and I still feel far from right.

I’m trying to clean the kitchen right now while also trying to ignore the stomach anger. Why won’t the chrome on the stove stop streaking? WTF?

I’ve been listening to metric tonnes of Genesis lately and I just decided that I will listen to The Lamb all the way through while cleaning. The whole double LP in one sitting. Think I can pull it off?

June 24, 1977

Saving this for later. It sounds like an FM broadcast of a Genesis show in London on Steve Hackett’s last tour and it includes “Inside and Out”. The mix sounds really good. A little too much Phil maybe? A little too little Mike? Just enough Steve and Tony and Chester. Well… is there ever enough Steve in the mix? Nope. Never enough Steve.

The Waiting Room

You should listen to the Genesis song called The Waiting Room while you read this post. Actually, maybe you shouldn’t. It’s an atonal noise-fest and it might scare you off. Listen to Firth of Fifth instead. It’s not related at all, it’s just magic.

My weight on the scale here was 291.6. About four pounds higher than last week’s weigh in at home. I blame my shoes and my wallet and my keys and my phone. Yup. They also said my blood pressure was a smidge low. We will have to keep an eye on that, I think.

Who is the Other Guy?

I saw this picture today. I had never seen it before…

It’s Genesis. That’s Phil Collins standing on the right. Mike “and the Mechanics” Rutherford is seated on the right. The other guy from the 80’s pop band, the guy who never had a hit outside of the band but who probably wrote the best songs, Tony Banks, is standing on the left.

Those three guys were also in the 70’s prog band along with Peter Gabriel, who is standing next to Banks, and one of my all time mega guitar heroes, Steve Hackett, who is sitting next to Rutherford.

The guy standing in the middle isn’t always included when they all get back together but he is often enough that I immediately recognize him. It’s the original lead guitarist, Anthony Phillips. He played on the first two albums.

So who is the other guy? I’d never seen him before. At least I’d never seen him included in any reunion things. I had an idea but I had to Google it to be sure.

I was right. It’s John Silver! Holy crap! He wasn’t the original drummer (that was Chris Stewart, I think) but he played on the first album. Wow! He’s noteworthy because Genesis started out in the English equivalent of high school. When it came time for college his parents were so afraid he would decide to make Genesis a career that they shipped him across the Atlantic to Cornell University. At least that’s how I heard it.

The guy who replaced him played on the second record. That was John Mayhew (I may have spelled that right but who knows). Mayhew was replaced by Phil Collins who played on every album except the last one and I don’t know who played on that one.

The Google tells me this photo was taken at a press event in 1998 to celebrate the release of Archives Volume One. That was 22 years ago and I’m just seeing it now. Crazy.

The Last Genesis Show

Genesis ended their reunion tour with a show in London the other night. Phil Collins announced from the stage that it would be the final Genesis show ever. Not surprising given the mess he’s in health wise.

He also announced that Peter Gabriel was in the audience and wondered if he was the guy yelling out requests for Supper’s Ready. I like to think Pete would have been requesting The Knife, or maybe Twilight Alehouse instead.

It doesn’t sound like Steve Hackett or Anthony Phillips were there. Hackett just had to postpone a bunch of shows due to someone in his band catching Covid. Maybe he was quarantined?

I always hoped the five of them would play together one more time, but Phil can’t play the drums anymore and if he can’t play then it’s not the real thing. That makes me a little sad, but we still have those records.


I just read that today is Phill Collins’ 71st birthday. Happy birthday, Bill.

Let’s watch him play lead tambourine with Genesis.

I haven’t actually watched this video today. Here’s hoping it’s what I think it is. Wheeeeee!!!