The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Are you ready for my spoiler free review of the finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?


You sure?

Here it comes…

My spoiler free review of the finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier:


There you have it. Now go watch it.

A Good Start

I just watched the first episode of season two of The Mandalorian. It was good. No spoilers but Baby Yoda on a speeder bike is my new favorite thing.

So that’s step one.

Up next is eliminating the fascist infestation from our government. Election day 2020. Tuesday, 11/3/20. Yeah I’ve already voted, but I’m so excited/nervous/thrilled/scared/hyped/terrified that I can’t even think straight.

Star Wars and Democracy, just a few days apart. Brilliant!

Fall To-Do List

Hockey is over and it won’t be back for a while. Baseball is over and it won’t be back for a while. Movies are over and they won’t be back for a while.

What’s to look forward to?

The Mandalorian comes out tomorrow. Season two. That’s something to look forward to. I have spoken. This is the way.

Star Trek Discovery is back. We’re a couple of episodes into season three but I haven’t watched yet.

The first Marvel series on Disney+ is coming out in December.

I have a new guitar pedal coming. It shipped this morning. National Solo Album Month kicks off on Sunday. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Christmas? Thanksgiving? Covid-19 vaccines? That’s all up in the air still.

Election day? I’ve already voted, but I am cautiously optimistic that the fascists will be eradicated.

Marvel Crossover

When Marvel’s Agents of Shield first premiered the kids used to chant the name of the show when a new episode was available to watch.

Agents of Shield!
Agents of Shield!
Agents of Shield!

After a season or two they got tired of it and stopped watching it. I didn’t. I’ve stuck with it all the way through.

Now that the show has begun it’s last season I should have expected them to throw in easter eggs like they were going out of style. This week’s episode has a good one. No spoilers, but let’s just say that there is a reference made to the show Agent Carter.

It was a nice touch, but it also pissed me off a bit. We watched both shows and I think that Agent Carter might have been the better of the two. That pretty much guaranteed it was going to get cancelled, and it was after two seasons.

It’s available on Disney Plus. I’m one episode in.