We’ve had a string of scorchers around here. I’ve mentally blocked out some of it. Has it been four straight days above 90 degrees, or was it five? I’ve been thinking about weather tonight. Specifically Friday’s weather.

Yeah I know, it’s too soon to start thinking about the forecast for Friday. It’s the day after tomorrow, but it may as well be 10 years away. Harry’s graduation is Friday evening and it’s going to be outside on the football field.

The good news is that the forecast for the next couple of days won’t come anywhere near the 90’s. The bad news is the high for Friday in Windham is 68 and the low is 56. Yikes!

Two years ago, when Bellana graduated, it was oppressively hot at the start of the ceremony and frosty cold at the end. I had a suit jacket that day but ended up giving it to someone who was a lot colder than I was. It didn’t take long for me to regret the chivalry. I was freezing my ass off.

This time, I’m bringing a real coat with me. I don’t care if I have to carry it around all day. If we’re still on that field when the sun gets low it’s going to feel like the north freakin’ pole.

The boy scout motto is “be prepared.” The cliche quote* is if you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute. I will take both of those to heart on Friday. I am going to love the whole experience so much that I ain’t letting a little frigid air stop me.

The Bruins are getting smoked. 6-2, though two of those Islander goals were empty nets. I can’t believe I have to say this, but here’s hoping Tampa Bay kicks the living shit out of New York in the third round.

*I’ve always heard that quote attributed to Mark Twain. Is that true? Did he actually say that? Is that a true story or just some silly myth. I have no idea. If you live in New England you know it’s a really accurate statement though. We live it every day. I’ve lived in New England for 50 years and for pretty much all of those years I did not have any interest in living anywhere else. Today? Today I am thinking that maybe it’s time.

The Bruins have been eliminated from the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Crap.

I’m Pretty Smart, I think

I’m pretty smart… I think.  At least I always thought I was.  My grades in school were always good.  In college I blew a curve on a test in Calculus II, and I got an A- for the semester in Calculus III.  I’m not saying I’m some kind of rocket scientist or anything.  Don’t expect me to do anything Earth shattering like building the better mouse trap, okay?  I’m not dumb though.  I have a decent brain and it usually gets the job done.

Taking that as truth… why the hell do I still live in a place where it snows?  I mean… I thought I would be smart enough to know better.  My wife, now she’s super smart.  She’s gotta be the smartest person any of us have ever met and yet she still lives here too.  My step kids?  Smarter still!  If anyone is going to build that better mouse trap it’s absolutely going to be one of them.  Yet… the four of us all still live in a place where it snows.

I just think that maybe after all this time we would have done something to fix this little snow falling problem.  Something like… move to Southern California.  You know, something like that.

Holy Shiznits!

This post will cross post onto twitter and my step son is now following me on twitter… so I need to cut down on the swearing. I need to try to stop saying shit, you know? Oh…. whoops.

So twice in less than a week we have been given the wintry gift* of a snow fall that piled up over a foot deep. I shoveled the first storm on Thursday night in about an hour. It was deep but very light. It was also super cold and superer windy.

Tonight, after work, I went outside to shovel storm #2 which finished early this morning. The second time… well, there was more of it… it is significantly heavier… it’s not as cold, but it’s almost as windy and the wind chill is downright oppressive.

I had to stop part way through to give my back a rest. I just took 1231246 extra strength Tylenols** so hopefully I will have some degree of movement when I go back out in a couple of minutes.

I think I read today that it’s 48 days until Major League Baseball’s opening day. It can’t get here fast enough.

*When I say “gift” what I really mean is “kick in the balls”.

**When I say 1231246 I really mean three. I’m 6’5″ tall and way (REDACTED) pounds. I once had a doctor tell me that it was safe for me to go a tad above the average over the counter medication’s recommended dose. I usually don’t, but when my back hurts like this I will hold that doctor’s statement in front of me like a shield, and I will also wield it like a sword.

Winter Officially Returns

It was cold and rainy last night. Then suddenly it was cold and icy. This morning the winter wonderland fun continues. The yard is completely covered in snow as the snow continues to fall lightly.

This is punishment for me having said something about Spring finally arriving. As if mother nature (that bitch) would ever do something nice for me.

2015: The Year Winter Never Ended

Winter Bites Back

Winter is not going away without a fight.

I walked out my front door this morning at about 7:30.

My car was covered in ice.  The temperature was 31 degrees.  The forecast for today has a high temp of 41.  It’s April 8th and we can barely get to the 40’s.  So what if the Red Sox are 1-0 on the season.  Spring is never coming.  Never.  NEVER.

April Fools

Happy April Fools Day.  If I get some time today I will scour the internets looking for web site April Fools jokes.  I saw one this morning where Mashable reported that CERN had discovered The Force and that gravity was just some prankster Jedi holding us all down.  That’s pretty good.  Google is traditionally the April Fools King.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store this year.

The real April Fools joke came from my phone though.  The weather channel app told me it was 25 degrees out as I was getting ready to leave for work.  That’s funny.  25 degrees on April 1st.

You realize now of course that the joke was on me… because it wasn’t a joke… it was really seven degrees below freezing on April 1st.  Winter will never end.

Is it Cold Enough For Ya?

The word of the day is, Brrrrr.

There’s this from the weather channel app:

There’s this from the dashboard of my car:

The kids school was delayed for two hours due to the cold. I’m not sure I get the logic there. The temperature was below zero at 7:00am. It’s still below zero just before 9:00am. Does the fact the sun is up change things in the school district’s opinion?

Anyway, when I went out this morning at about 5:50am to start my beloved’s car I saw that the sky was clear and the moon was looking cool. Of course I took a very cold picture.

Here’s another one that I cropped a little closer.

Stay warm, boys and girls!

Out of Nowhere

I’m working from home today and the kids don’t have school so we all slept a little late this morning. About an hour later than usual the kids and I piled into the car and I drove them to their father’s house. It’s a Dad weekend so my wife and I won’t be seeing them until the middle of next week. That sucks, but it’s the way things go around here.

I came home and sat at my computer with a bottle of water, a breakfast bar, the vague notion of looking for random people’s Best CDs of 2014 lists to see if I could stumble upon some new music, and about an hour to kill before I had to punch into work.

I stood up to take my breakfast bar wrapper to the trash. I sneezed, boom. I immediately sneezed again, boom boom. Then three, one-two-three false alarms in a row. More sneezes were there, but they just wouldn’t happen. I went to the bathroom for a tissue and blew my nose. It was like opening the flood gate. Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, runny nose, runny nose, runny nose, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, false alarm sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, runny nose to infinity.

That was about five hours ago. The sneezing hasn’t stopped. The runny nose hasn’t stopped. I’ve used about 20% of the one box of tissues left in the house. Remember the movie Twister where about half of every character’s lines throughout the whole film include the phrase, “we had no warning,” or at least some variation of that? That’s what this morning feels like to me. Just out of the blue, BAM! Head cold. How did it happen? There was no warning! It’s a category five and I had no warning!

I think I know what happened. It’s going to sound weird, but in that Sherlock Holmes method of after you remove every impossible reason whatever left, no matter how improbable, has to be true way it makes perfect sense.

I think I am allergic to January.

It Continues

Am I still sick?

Oh yeah, you betcha.

I feel about the same as yesterday. Cough, sneeze, stuffy, runny, the whole kit. I am going to work today though, but I’ll work from home. We are always short handed on Friday afternoons so I was going to be punched in this afternoon even if I was in the hospital. I figure I can suck it up for the full day and then go back to bed when I punch out at 5:30.

I slept a little during the day yesterday, and then went to bed about 8:30. I was planning on just putting the Bruins game on the radio and vegging until sleep claimed me, but they were playing so poorly that I switched to music. I was still awake when the kids went to bed at 9:30, but not much after that. I woke up a few times during the night, but only for a minute here and there.

I expect this weekend to be a washout. I hear it’s supposed to rain the whole time anyway. I suppose getting sick during bad weather is preferable to getting sick in good weather. Probably not, but let me have this delusion at least.

Speaking of the Bruins. They played a generally sucky team last night and lost. They also lost Zdeno Chara for 4-6 weeks with (I believe) a knee injury. I was worried that the lofty expectations were going to bite us on the ass, as they did with the Red Sox, and here we are… a 4-5 record and our best defenseman out for a month or more. It’s going to be a long year.

Hopefully I won’t be sick for the whole thing.