Blogger Backup

Earlier today I found the location of all of the photos I uploaded to blogger. Not the photos hosted by Flickr or Photobucket or those that were hosted by posterous which no longer exist. Just those hosted by Blogger.

I just added them all to Flickr. I thought they’d be sorted by the date they were taken, but the exif data doesn’t seem to have made the trip so my Flickr now has 1700 photos that it thinks were taken today. Nice.


Myspace Posts are Coming

It didn’t take three days. I now have a zip folder full of html files that contain all of my old myspace blog posts from 2006 through 2008. Many of them have kid pics and names and information in them so I have to make those private when I bring them here. I ran a test to see if I could edit the dates and times on a post and have them order correctly. It worked.

It has me thinking that maybe I should import my old private blogger blog as well. I mean if there are going to be private posts from myspace, why not from blogger too. Although I don’t know if I can bulk import posts as private or not. I’ll have to look into that. It would be cool to have all of my stuff in one place, even though it’s been years since I’ve used either of the other two sites.

We’ll see.

Oh No!

It started on November 18, 2008. That was the day I started a new blog using Blogger. In all the years since then, there had been exactly one day where I did not submit a post. Sure, the Blogger site was split into two at some point early on, and later the public blog was moved over to, but through all of that there was only one day that I missed completely. It was pretty recently too, if I remember correctly.

Well, now there have been two days that I missed. I was bouncing around between buildings yesterday so I didn’t have a chance in the morning. In the evening…

Last Friday, my beloved bride Jen came home from work feeling sick. On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, she was barely able to get out of bed. She still feels crummy, but at least she managed to go to work yesterday.

As for me, I was feeling really tired on Monday but otherwise all right. Yesterday I just felt blah. Really run down. Little to no energy. Then around 2:00ish I had to cave in and get some caffeine to keep myself going. On the way to the 3rd floor kitchenette I thought to myself, “hmmm, self, your throat is feeling a little sore.”

Yes, yes it was. It still is. I officially am in the early stages of the mega-cold that kicked my beautiful wife’s butt this weekend. Oh good. I went to bed early, hence no post in the evening, and slept pretty well, but I’m still getting worse. I’d say I’m down to about 70% on my health meter, but it was closer to 75% when I got out of bed an hour and a half ago.



First Post

I am hesitant to do this…

I have been using Blogger obsessively since November of 2008.  I generally post multiple times per day.  Some days I got right out of control and just post little blurbs (usually with associated iPhone pics) of anything and everything.

I’m getting bored with Blogger though.  Not for any real reason, just because I am.  I figured I’d give WordPress a shot.  I’m not prepared to pay for my goofy hobby, so I am going with a free page.

First impression?  I’ll be back to Blogger soon enough.  The text editor here kinda sucks.  I’m hoping the iOS apps are better.  This is almost as clunky as the text editor Tumblr uses.  Also, using HTML tags seems to be a pain in the ass.  It took me a while to figure out how to enter simple things like embed tags from Youtube or Flickr.  I was this close to shutting down the whole experiment when I found that, oddly enough, there are two different Add New Post functions.  One has a Text entry function that takes HTML.  At least it seems to.

One upside that I will have to explore a bit is the Visibility setting I’m seeing on the Add New Post page right now.  Can I set specific permissions on specific posts?  That would be nice for pictures of my step kids.

Anyway, here is a picture of the love of my life:

Here is a song I wrote and recorded (hopefully it will work):