Oh No!

It started on November 18, 2008. That was the day I started a new blog using Blogger. In all the years since then, there had been exactly one day where I did not submit a post. Sure, the Blogger site was split into two at some point early on, and later the public blog was moved over to WordPress.com, but through all of that there was only one day that I missed completely. It was pretty recently too, if I remember correctly.

Well, now there have been two days that I missed. I was bouncing around between buildings yesterday so I didn’t have a chance in the morning. In the evening…

Last Friday, my beloved bride Jen came home from work feeling sick. On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, she was barely able to get out of bed. She still feels crummy, but at least she managed to go to work yesterday.

As for me, I was feeling really tired on Monday but otherwise all right. Yesterday I just felt blah. Really run down. Little to no energy. Then around 2:00ish I had to cave in and get some caffeine to keep myself going. On the way to the 3rd floor kitchenette I thought to myself, “hmmm, self, your throat is feeling a little sore.”

Yes, yes it was. It still is. I officially am in the early stages of the mega-cold that kicked my beautiful wife’s butt this weekend. Oh good. I went to bed early, hence no post in the evening, and slept pretty well, but I’m still getting worse. I’d say I’m down to about 70% on my health meter, but it was closer to 75% when I got out of bed an hour and a half ago.



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