Sleep Failure

Did I have a crummy night’s sleep last night or what?

I went to bed at midnight. Woke up at 1:00. Woke up again at 2:00. Woke up at 3:50 and could not get back to sleep. I bet I dozed off a little at a time without realizing it, but I know I saw the clock hit 4:40 before I really went under again.

My back was really sore and I couldn’t get comfortable. My arms kept going numb from laying on my side. I mean, my arms were just showing off. Look, jerk, we can go to sleep. Why can’t the rest of you? Ugh.

My CPAP mask kept feeling like it was losing it’s seal. I don’t think it actually was, but during the rare times when I was asleep I was drooling like a fooling and the mask was sliding around all over the place and it was driving me nuts.

At about 6:30 I gave up and got up. I took the trash to the street and I did my whole morning routine and I did car music. Just two songs. The one song I have for Record Every Month, and the last song I had for Quarantine volume 5.

I’m leaving work a couple of hours early today, but I have meetings pretty much for the whole rest of the day. It’s going to be a busy Tuesday. I expect by the time the day ends I am going to be wishing I had a good night’s sleep, right?

Monday Monday

It’s Monday. November 15th. We’re halfway through November, which means we’re careening toward December and the holidays and winter and blah.

I had another bad night’s sleep last night. Less than six hours, and only about 60% in deep sleep. Blah. I feel like I am in a stage where I need to have a couple of bad nights before I have a good night. The night before last was good. So that means maybe Tuesday night should be okay?

The kids come home for Thanksgiving on Friday. Have I mentioned that? I think I might have.

The Bruins came back and won last night. There is nothing in hockey worse than losing to Montreal, so nightmare averted, babie. The Bruins have played the fewest games in the league, and now they are off until Saturday. Who is the add wizard who came up with this schedule?

Fear the Walking Dead last night was better than the week before but it was still laughably awful. It’s like driving past a car wreck now. I can’t look away, even though I really want to. I never considered myself a masochist before, but here we are. Granted, there were all those years of watching bad movies that were so bad they were funny. Fear doesn’t fall into that category yet. It’s just plain bad.

Okay. Time to go to work now. Have a happy Monday, everyone. Hang in there, Friday is only five measly little days away.

Back at Work/Still at Work

I stayed logged in at work until midnight last night. I sent out a note saying if you need me please call me and then I plopped my fat ass down on Harry’s bed and fell right to sleep. From about 7:00am on Saturday morning through 12:00am Monday morning on one hour and ten minutes of sleep. I honestly did not think that was physically possible. I would like to thank the academy, caffeine, Diet Pepsi, and copious amounts of adrenalin. I couldn’t have done it without you folks and I do love you all.

My watch tells me I got about 6.5 hours of sleep last night (6:25 to be exact). I did not have my CPAP machine though and it absolutely shows. I woke up three times and I don’t felt like the sleep I had was terribly restful. Granted, part of that was caffeine and another part was worrying about the customer I was working with. Still, I bet if I had that mask glued to my face I would have slept straight through. Who knows.

I just gave my boss all the news from the weekend. I told him I was putting in for tomorrow off. Yeah, you betcha.

Happy Monday, boys and girls!

Addendum: Oh, I haven’t watched last night’s episode of The Walking Dead yet. No spoilers, blah blah blah I can’t hear you blah blah blah!