I got up early this morning to put the trash out on the street. When I came back inside Jen reminded me that yesterday was a state holiday, Patriots Day, and trash pick up will be tomorrow.


Did you see those pictures of the cellar floor last night? We’re coming to the end, aren’t we. A few more days to finish the floor and all the baseboards and finishing touches. We have a couple of pieces of furniture coming this weekend. Soon enough we’re going to have us a nice little living room down there.

What else is going on? I have another doctors appointment tomorrow. A pre-screening at the hospital. I don’t know what that means, but it has something to do with anesthesia. Prep work.

Two weeks and one day until surgery. Two weeks after that Harry comes home for the summer. The month of May is going to be a busy one, right?

I am an Idiot and I Want to Kick My Own Ass

I am in the office today. Last night I prepared completely. I packed up my laptop and charger, I packed up my Air Pods Max (which I forgot on one of these recent trips in). I filled up a water bottle. I made my lunch. Lunch was PB&J, a little bag of grapes, and a couple of granola bars. Delicious. I left the lunch bag in the fridge, but had everything else waiting for me on my desk.

You can see where this is going, right?

I am at my desk at work.

My lunch bag is still in the fridge.

Seriously… if I could contort myself in such a way as to do it, I would literally kick my own ass.


Looking like a Snickers bar for lunch for me today.

My Mind is a Blank

I promise I had something to write about this morning. I forgot what it was when I started talking to Jen about a bunch of Q nut jobs who went to Dallas to welcome JFK back. First, JFK would be over 100 years old. He ain’t coming back. Second. He’s dead. He ain’t coming back. Third, even if he was magically raised from the grave in a non-zombie fashion, why the ever loving fuck would he come back to Dallas? That would literally be the last place he would go. Also, there was a headline I saw yesterday (I can’t seem to find it now) saying something along the lines of if you get the Covid vaccine it will block whatever allows god to let you into heaven, or something like that. Meaning that god is a T-Rex and can’t see you unless you’re moving, or some shit like that. I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

I haven’t played my guitar in nine days. I haven’t done any recording either. My MacBook is currently on a fact finding mission to Guyana. I’m sure it will be fine. Without the MacBook though, there is no GarageBand and there is no November music project. Here’s hoping I can get back to it over the upcoming, glorious long weekend. I should end up with enough music to call it a finished project. It’s just not going to be good at all. Not even a little bit.

The kids are at their father’s house today. They come back here tomorrow afternoon some time. I wonder if there will be a Hawkeye viewing and maybe some hamburgers or something? There are things already on the agenda for tomorrow so I don’t know if we’ll be able to squeeze the first episode in before bed.

Thanksgiving is in two days. The prep work has been coming along for a while now, but it’s going to start ramping up today. Gobble Gobble, boys and girls. Two work days left before the long weekend… and I have so much work to do. Okay, I’m depressed again. Blah.

Still a Nitwit

I had to go to a training today. It ran for two hours, from 10:00 until noon. I sat in the back of the room to spare anyone having to sit behind me. When the meeting was over I packed up my stuff and headed to the exit (the training did not take place in the same building as my desk).

I got all the way to the exit before I realized I had forgotten my glasses.



Every once in a while one of the kids will have a change to the morning routine. This requires both the other kid and me to also make changes to the morning routine. Over the last couple of weeks, that has meant that we have to get up earlier so that one of the kids can go straight to school instead of going to their Dad’s and taking the bus from there.

On Friday, we drove to school without any problem. As we were heading to Dad’s house I realized my phone and my glasses and my work badge were not to be seen. Damn. That meant I would have to stop at the house on the way to work. It would be okay, getting up early meant I had time. It was just a pain in the behind. Just before I got home I heard the beep my phone makes when I get an email. Uh… Oh yeah! I usually put my phone on the passenger seat, but on that day I put it in the console so my step daughter wouldn’t be sitting on it. Problem solved!

Today was another early day for us. This time as I was driving between the school and Dad’s house I realized I forgot my glasses and my work badge. Urgh! Idiot! This time I really did forget them. What is wrong with me? I’ve only been managing to NOT forget these things for about 10 years. That’s all.


Absent Minded Nitwit

I mentioned yesterday that I was hoping to mix two songs tonight.

Every other Friday I spend the evening hanging out with my mom at my folks’ house while my dad does volunteer work. I get there around quarter to seven and leave about quarter past 10. My mother is usually asleep not long after 8:00, so I usually bring my computer and mess around with music while I wait for Dad to come home. The plan tonight was to try to mix one or both of the two songs that are ready.

This morning before I left I put my computer into my backpack (MacBook Pro, beetches). I had my awesome new blue tooth Bose headphones in their case sitting right next to the computer. I also had my awesome Sennheiser cans, the ones I used to mix last February’s RPM, and last November’s NaSoAlMo, and every thing in between, sitting right there on the desk next to the Bose headphones and the computer.

I forgot to put either pair of headphones into the backpack. I have an old pair of ear buds. Urgh. One of the songs that’s ready to mix is far and away my favorite of this month’s batch (meaning on a scale from 1-10 it’s a 3) so I will mix the other one first. I don’t want to waste the time, and I don’t want to mix a potentially decent song using ear buds.

I am an absent minded nitwit.