Morning Music

I probably should have done the car music this morning. We only got about an inch of snow and the road was never entirely covered. Still, better safe than sorry.

I sort of almost made up for it. Sort of. Yesterday I added two more song ideas. One is meh, and the other is garbage. This morning before work, when I should have been recording myself singing like a mentally defective bird, I worked the meh idea into a song form and added rhythm guitars. Then I put leads on one of the songs that got vocals yesterday. That means I am up to 13 songs with rhythm guitars and exactly one song is finished tracking and ready to mix. Hopefully I will mix it tonight (and maybe add leads to two more songs, and maybe flesh out the crappy idea and add rhythm guitars to that?).

It wasn’t the progress I expected to make today, but it’s progress. There won’t be car music tomorrow because I have to drive to the office in Foxborough. Thursday… Friday… Saturday… whatever it takes. I have one week left.

Obligatory pictures:

Aperture at f16 so no blurry background fun
Aperture at f2 so sick depth of field fun
Baby Yoda, lighting the way