Dirty Window


It was 6:30am. I was about to start my morning fake jog (yog) when I looked out the insanely dirty window and saw that the stormy looking sky through the trees looked super cool. In the four seconds it took to pick up my camera the cool sky went away and I was left with this awful picture through an unbelievably dirty window.

It was worth a shot, I guess.

So I had another migraine last night. I was trying to cook some spaghetti. I reached out to turn on the burner and realized I couldn’t see it. It wasn’t the center of my vision that was missing, it was the right side. Just gone. The headache hit me a few minutes later and it was pretty bad. I laid down a little after 6:00pm and didn’t get up again until about 9:30. My eyes were okay at that point but I still had a nasty headache. I went back to bed a short time later and didn’t wake up until almost 5:00am. There was still a mild headache but it seemed manageable. When I got up to exercise I took some Tylenol and now, an hour later, I am feeling okay.

That’s three migraines in two weeks. I’ll be calling my doctor on Monday. Enough is enough, folks. I’m pretty scared about all of this.

Cats on Film

I saw the cats sitting together on top of the cat tree so I grabbed the camera.


I took this with the mirrorless christmas camera, the Nikon Z5. I also took one with dad’s film camera. The two new cats have made their first appearance on film. Let me tell you, they almost jumped through the roof when the mechanical shutter clicked. What was that, kitties?

Still Going

The RPM Challenge is over, but I still managed to play some guitar today. I’m up to three new song ideas. I was thinking of trying to do two songs per month for the rest of the year, but I just had to keep going today. I don’t think I am going to do 10 songs in March, but will I? Who knows. It’s just good to play.