Something is in There


If you zoom in on the image it definitely looks like there is a twig in there. I haven’t seen any birds hanging around it yet, but it sure looks like it’s had some attention.

The other bird house in the back yard is the one I caught a picture of a bird working on it yesterday. No bird luck today though.


The bird feeders are full though, so any bird house residents should be able to adequately feed their growing families for today at least.


Patch Rabbit

One year ago today, my beloved wife Jennifer without whom I never would have been able to get through any of the challenges of the past year brought me a cute little stuffed bunny to keep me company on my overnight in the hospital. It was the same color as our cat Patches, and she named it Patch Rabbit.

Patch Rabbit sat with me through the entire month of recovery that followed the surgery, and since then she has been sitting on the window sill next to my desk in the cellar office. I just thought I should include my bunny friend in the anniversary celebration by using her for today’s photo-a-day challenge.