Sunday Morning


Wordle 344 2/6


Now that that’s out of the way, there are no lingering effects from last night’s nausea adventure. I had some scrambled eggs for breakfast and apart from feeling a little gun shy there were no issues. I’m about 20 minutes away from being able to have a drink. I’ll probably have a protein shake and get that puppy out of the way.

Music. What’s up with that? I have four songs I’m working on, all for the next round of re-recordings. I’m dumping the record every month song. It is too lame even for me. Two of the four songs are ready for vocals. Am I ready for car vocals? Are my innards ready? Am I going to be able to push enough air to hit the high notes? I don’t know.

What else? This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. Tomorrow is Memorial Day. It’s also our 13th wedding anniversary. It’s going to be a pretty fantastic day. We are hoping to try a mini cookout for lunch. Jen wants to try turkey burgers. I’ll probably try to have half a patty without bread or condiments or anything, I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to everything,

My goal for today is simple. Take smaller portions when I eat, and take significantly smaller bites as I go. Let’s not have a repeat of the nausea adventure, m’kay?

Happy Sunday.