Well That Was Unpleasant

Jen made an excellent dinner tonight. Cod. It was fantastic. I had about four ounces of fish and a piece of potato and a couple of baby carrots. As instructed by the stage III diet class, I ate the protein source first.

About halfway through I had to stop for a few minutes. Either I was going too fast or taking too much in each bite. Same thing happened to me the other day. I took a little break and felt better and was able to keep going.

Not too long after that it hit me. I was taking smaller bites and being more diligent about waiting in between bites but it didn’t help. It happened really fast. My stomach started feeling off again, then it started creeping up higher until it was in my throat. Nausea babie. Lots of it. Everyone who goes through Gastric Bypass says it happens but in three weeks plus it hadn’t happened to me… but now it has. I basically had to dash to the bathroom.

I did not throw up. I thought I was going to. I was sure I was going to. After a few minutes of gazing longingly into the bowl the feeling started to pass. I stayed there for an extra few minutes before risking standing up straight. Then I stayed in the bathroom for another few minutes, just in case.

I have been keeping a food/drink journal since the first night in the hospital. The sheet has a column for levels of nausea. I’ve had a zero in that column for every entry in the log… until now. I gave it an eight because it was crazy intense but I didn’t actually spew.

I feel a ton better now, but I am totally gun shy. I’m not sure how I will react tomorrow. I’m thinking of significantly smaller bites to start with. I really don’t want to go through that again.