Lucky Guess

Who is the luckiest sonofabitch in town?

Wordle 542 2/6


Having a weird day in the office today. We had an xmas party thing this morning which was nice except that one of our extended group has Covid and was in the office with a bunch of us last week and who knows if last week will forever be known as a super spreader event which would make today a mini super spreader event. Crud, I hate covid so much.

Anyway, the party included pizza. I didn’t have any. My team member who lives in Minnesota did because I DoorDashed him some Pizza Hut. Order entered in Massachusetts, order delivered in Minnesota. Like a Boss, as they say.

Like I said, no pizza for me. Can I have pizza? Probably, if there is no sugar in the tomato sauce. I just haven’t tried it and I really don’t want to. I brought some chicken salad. Meals have been tough over the last few days. Not terrible, but I have been stopping myself early due to signs that stomach issues may be coming forthwith. I prefer to dish out a certain amount of food and then eat it all as it makes tracking protein counts easier, but if I have to stop I have to stop. Today I had to stop. I ate a protein bar in the car on the way in for breakfast, and then maybe an ounce and a half of chicken for lunch. Round about 3:00pm my stomach, which was no longer upset over lunch, started getting upset over being empty.

I am sitting in a conference room with a couple of co-workers. It’s a smallish room but we’re spread out okay. No covid transmissions here. It’s quiet though, and that means everyone can hear my stomach moaning and groaning. It’s super embarrassing and it’s yet another reason why working from home is better than coming into the office. My stomach can sing and dance all it wants when I am alone at my desk at home. Here? Now? Today? I just want to hide. No one has said anything. Everyone is being super polite. I just wish my stomach would shut the fuck up.

ADDENDUM: I should say, in the interest of accuracy, that I am not positive one of my co-workers has covid. It looks that way, but it has not been confirmed.

Got it in Two

Remember what I said the other day about what I am going to do when I get Wordle in two guesses? Remember?

Wordle 479 2/6


Oh yeah.

After not getting to sleep until 1:00am-ish on Sunday night/Monday morning can you guess what time I fell asleep last night? That would be 1:00am-ish, yet again. I wanted to get up super early to run some errands while still having time to get all my exercise in. Nope. I slept late. I had to run a little during my walkies to make sure I got the distance in before work started. The workout lasted 33 minutes (instead of the 38-42 it has been taking me to get up to 3.2 simulated miles lately) and I ran for about 11 of it. In the immortal words of Austin Danger Powers International Man of Mystery… ouch, babie. Ouch.

I Gave In to The Facebook

I had a rough afternoon today. My stomach was feeling off all day and when it came time for lunch it went bad. Not to get into TMI territory, but there was a small amount of vomit involved. I was trying to have three ounces of turkey and I only got through 1.7 ounces. I did much better with dinner. Jen made beef stew and it smelled so good. I needed to get over whatever was wrong so that I could have some and fortunately I did. It was delicious.

Before dinner though I did something I don’t want to do anymore. I spent a little time on the Facebook. I got today’s Wordle in two tries. If I get it in three tires I post it to Twitter. If I get it in two I post it to the Facebook. So I logged on and posted my success story. Then I checked notifications. Then I joined a couple of Nikon camera groups. Then I vented my food frustrations on a Bariatric Surgery group. Then I perused my timeline a little. Then I came to my senses.

I went to the Nikon groups to ask for suggestions on what the next camera should be. I went to the surgery group to say that my stomach revolted but that I will get through it. I also saw someone who was afraid that he weighed too much and let him know that when I started I weighed even more. I don’t know if it helped at all, but I hope it did. Hell, I’ve lost 140 pounds. If my dumb ass can do it then his can too.

So I cheated on my Facebook ban. Sorry about that. I’ll do better. I just had a tough day but I’m better now.

Sunday Morning


Wordle 344 2/6


Now that that’s out of the way, there are no lingering effects from last night’s nausea adventure. I had some scrambled eggs for breakfast and apart from feeling a little gun shy there were no issues. I’m about 20 minutes away from being able to have a drink. I’ll probably have a protein shake and get that puppy out of the way.

Music. What’s up with that? I have four songs I’m working on, all for the next round of re-recordings. I’m dumping the record every month song. It is too lame even for me. Two of the four songs are ready for vocals. Am I ready for car vocals? Are my innards ready? Am I going to be able to push enough air to hit the high notes? I don’t know.

What else? This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. Tomorrow is Memorial Day. It’s also our 13th wedding anniversary. It’s going to be a pretty fantastic day. We are hoping to try a mini cookout for lunch. Jen wants to try turkey burgers. I’ll probably try to have half a patty without bread or condiments or anything, I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to everything,

My goal for today is simple. Take smaller portions when I eat, and take significantly smaller bites as I go. Let’s not have a repeat of the nausea adventure, m’kay?

Happy Sunday.

That’s What I Get for Jumping on the Wagon

Figures, right? I start playing Wordle. I play for a couple of weeks and never get good, but do pretty well. Then, just as it’s becoming a regular part of my daily routine, fucking New York Times buys it.

Damn it.

The best part of the silly little game was that it wasn’t owned by some awful soulless corporation. It was just a guy with some coding skills keeping the entire English speaking world entertained for two minutes a day.


Damn it.

Pulled it Out

Wordle 226 5/6


Wordle, babie! I was stuck bad on this one. Nothing was going right. Then, like magic, in round five I pulled that word right outa my butt (figuratively speaking, of course)!

Kick ass!

Wordle Fail

I think today was my ninth or 10th time playing Wordle. Not only was it my first fail, but it’s the first time I even needed to get to the sixth attempt.

I feel like such a loser, vocabularily* speaking.

The good news is we are going to do a Book of Boba Fett watch party with Harry in about an hour. That should make me feel better.

*Did I just use the word “vocabulary” as the basis for inventing a new word? I think I did. Is that irony?

Jen Got it in Three

Wordle 216 4/6


I’ve played five times. I got it in four twice and five three times. I haven’t needed the sixth try yet. My luck will run out soon enough.